By Eliot Schrefer

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Raja has been raised in captivity. Not behind the bars of a zoo, but within the confines of an American home. He was stolen when he was young to be someone's pet. Now he's grown up . . . and is about to be sent away again, to a place from which there will be no return.

John grew up with Raja. The orangutan was his friend, his brother -- never his pet. But when John's parents split up and he moved across the country, he left Raja behind. Now Raja is suffering.

There's one last chance to save Raja -- a chance that will force John to confront his fractured family and the captivity he's imposed on himself all of these years.

Eliot Schrefer's last two novels, Endangered and Threatened, were both finalists for the National Book Award. With Rescued, he brings his remarkable storytelling to the American landscape, giving us a boy who must redefine his own humanity and an orangutan who will need his help in order to return home.
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
ISBN-13: 9781338196382
ISBN-10: 1338196383
Published on 12/26/2017
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 272

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"Rescued" by Eliot Schrefer is about a teenager named John, who as a boy had a pet orangutan named Raja. John treated Raja like a brother, until they were separated because of Raja being considered too dangerous and John's parents getting divorced. Raja was left to live with John's dad, when John lives with his mom. John gets a chance to save Raja from captivity in a zoo while visiting his dad across the country. John even flies to Indonesia to make sure Raja is safe living there, his home before he was stolen to be John's pet. John has to make the right choice for Raja- whether to let him live in the wild or in captivity.

John grows up with everything that he could ever wish for. His dad is a business man that travels all over the place. The book Rescued by Eliot Schrefer is a great story. The setting is in West Virginia. One major problem is that the orangutan is growing and getting stronger so they have to put him in a locked up trailer. The protagonists are John and the orangutan. John is 10 when he first met the orangutan but now he is 16 and the orangutan is fully grown. The Antagonist is that it isn’t common to have an orangutan as a pet especially a full grown one. Another major problem is that they bring the orangutan to a nearby zoo and John attempts to break him out. The conflict is when they find a veterinarian who shows them a safe place in Sumatra. Read the book Rescued by Eliot Schrefer to find out what happens the this great animal/human relationship. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes animals.

this book is about someone who rescues a monkey I love this book I can not wait to read it again I think this book is just my level.

Raja is an orangutan that has been raised up somewhere other than the zoo. He was stolen and raised up in a house. Raja is being sent away and John has to somehow save him from going away. This book is a very cool book.

So far I really love this book. This book tells about the bond between a man and his ape. John is one of the main characters along with the ape he grew up with, Raja. John grew up with Raja but moved away and now he has to save Raja because Raja will be sent away to a place where he will most likely not survive. I hope John can do it.

i really like this book i am reading it online. its about an animal. and i love animals so far this book is intresting .

This was a pretty good book about an orangutan named Raja. John grew up with Raja. The orangutan was his friend and brother. Then, when John's parents split up and he moved across the country, he has to leave Raja behind. Will the "brothers" get back together? Read to find out!

Rescued was a heartwarming story about two unlikely brothers John, and his pet orangutan Raja. John and Raja spent years closely together after John's business-man father brought him home as a pet. John and Raja did everything together; eat and play video games and exercise. But John and Raja are growing up, and troubles ensue. Then when John's parents are divorced, John and Raja are split up. Two years go by without them being able to see each other. Then John and his mom find out that John's dad is having financial difficulty, is moving, and selling Raja to a zoo. John goes to say a final goodbye, but finds that his companion is no longer a cute baby, but an adult orangutan who is lonely and angry. And things get even worse when John visits Raja in the zoo-and finds out it is more like a prison. So John and Raja are on the run. Will the two regain the friendship they had growing up? Will John find a home for Raja? This book was inspirational, even if it was predictable. I would recommend this book to animal lovers, and probably for older readers. I rate this book 4 out of 5 stars.

Raja was a pet in an American home, raised with John. When the family splits Raja is on the verge of being sent away. With that the only solution remains to bring the family back together.

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