Not Quite Narwhal

Not Quite Narwhal

By Jessie Sima

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In the tradition of Uni the Unicorn and Gaston, this heartwarming and adorable debut picture book tells the story of a young unicorn who was born under the sea to a family of narwhals.

Growing up in the ocean, Kelp has always assumed that he was a narwhal like the rest of his family. Sure, he’s always been a little bit different—his tusk isn’t as long, he’s not as good of a swimmer, and he really doesn’t enjoy the cuisine. Then one night, an extra strong current sweeps Kelp to the surface, where he spots a mysterious creature that looks just like him! Kelp discovers that he and the creature are actually unicorns. The revelation leaves him torn: is he a land narwhal or a sea unicorn? But perhaps, if Kelp is clever, he may find a way to have the best of both worlds.

Told with heartwarming illustrations and spare, sweet text, Jessie Sima’s debut picture book is about fitting in, standing out, and the all-encompassing love of family.
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
ISBN-13: 9781481469098
ISBN-10: 1481469096
Published on 2/14/2017
Binding: Hardcover
Number of pages: 40

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Phoebe Phoebe

I love this book so much in second grade I choose this book as my favorite book ❤️ If you have not read this book I suggest you read it I LOVE IT💕❤️

vcat vcat

it was good


If you like unicorns and narwhals you will like this book. And it is very fun and happy.

Madison Madison

I love it because he’s a unicorn who lives with narwhals and thinks he’s one. Then he sees a unicorn so he swims up to land to get to the unicorn then he finds all of them he wants to live with the unicorns but all at the same time with his friends friends then he finds a way to live with both. I like it because it tells us a message that we all are different some same on the outside but so so different on the inside like pretend you’re favorite color is red and mines blue but somebody’s elses favorite color could be red too but we might have different favorite foods. I think you should read this book or if you’re having a bad day it might cheer you up. I think the nawale was cute!


If you like unicorns and narwhals you will like this book📖. And this is a very fun and happy😊 story. So do you want to read this book📖?

Cinderella Cinderella

I think not quite narwhal is a great book because the unicorn thinks it is a narwhal. unicorn wanted to know what it was but the narwhals already knew it was a unicorn so the unicorn went to land and water to visit I think this book is mysterious, adventures, hilarious to if you love funny stuff this book is for you.


If you like unicorns and narwhals you will like this book 📖. And this is very fun also a happy 😊 story. So do you want to read this book📖?

Braelyn Braelyn

I like this book because there is a little unicorn that was born under the water and she thought that she was a narwhal but she was not.Myopinion is I like to read books like this one and I like unicorns,too.I like the water.I like kelp because he is a funny and sweet character in the book I REALLY recommended this bookie you like unicorns and narwhals this is the right book for you.

This is a heartwarming book. I thought this book would be boring.But it was so fun! I LOVE THE PICTURES.(I like the unicorns)Kelp is a unicorn that thought that he was a narwhal.He lives in the sea.His friends are some cute looking narwhals.He did not swim the same as the narwhals,or have the same taste.One day a strong current swept him away.He found himself in the LAND OF UNICORNS! He missed his other friends.He goes back home.He missed his other friends.So the unicorns and narwhal live TOGETHER!