Fantastic Mr Fox (The Best of Roald Dahl)

Fantastic Mr Fox (The Best of Roald Dahl)


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"Fantastic Mr Fox" is the legendary tale of the most cunning fox in the world by Roald Dahl. Every time Mr Fox steals a chicken from the farm, Farmers Boggis, Bunce and Bean grow wild with rage! They're the nastiest crooks in the valley, and they've concocted a cunning plan to dig him out of his hole once and for all. But it never occurs to them that Mr Fox has a fantastic plan of his own..."A true genius...Roald Dahl is my hero" (David Walliams). With an exciting look into Roald Dahl's world. Roald Dahl, the best-loved of children's writers, was born in Wales of Norwegian parents. After school in England he went to work for Shell in Africa. He began to write after "a monumental bash on the head", sustained as an RAF pilot in World War II. Roald Dahl died in 1990. Quentin Blake is one of the best-known and best-loved children's illustrators and it's impossible now to think of Roald Dahl's writings without imagining Quentin Blake's illustrations.
Publisher: Puffin Books
ISBN-13: 9780425287842
ISBN-10: 042528784X
Published on 9/6/2016
Binding: Hardcover
Number of pages: 112

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I love this book because it's unique, unlike other books.

The Fantastic Mr. Fox book is truly really appealing to me! The plots are amazing! I really admire Roald Dahl's skill of writing stories!

I love Roald Dahl! Fantastic Mr.Fox is FANTASTIC!!

Yes this book is great

This story is talking about a fox, and three farmers,(the farmer are nasty men)Their names were Farmer Boggis, Farmer Bunce and Farmer Bean. Boggis was a chicken farmer. Bunce was a dunk-and-goose farmer. Bean was a turkey and apple farmer. ( Bean was the cleverest of them all. On a hill above the valley there was a wood, and in the wood there was a huge tree, under the tree there was a hole, and in the hole lived Mr. Fox and Mrs. Fox and four small foxes. Every evening as soon as it got dark Mr. Fox well ask Mrs. fox what she wants to eat, after knowing what she wants , Mr. Fox will creep down into a valley in the darkness of the night.

I hope you guys read this book. It is about a creative fox who keep stealing food to feed his family. There is a movie too! But movie story is little different, but still it is really really fun book. Also there is lots of other book so read it!

Sp-Ellen Sp-Ellen

I loved this book!I think Mr. fox is very funny and clever

Fantastic Mr Fox is a best of Roald Dhal and truly deserves to be read on and on and on and on and on forever! Amazing book, honestly.

So I know that I am too old for this book but I like to read the short classic books from time to time. The story was super enjoyable and the pictures were really nice. I would recommend this for ages 7+

fantastic Mr. Fox is about a fox family who tries to survive and get food from tree farmers and three farms. one day the farmers find the foxes home and shot off his tail. in the end, the foxes are forced to live underground. read the book today or tomorrow.

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