Fablehaven Book of Imagination

Fablehaven Book of Imagination

By Brandon Mull

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Learn how to make Wizard Slime, create fairy fashions, and solve the Dreamstone maze in this first-ever interactive book of Fablehaven awesomeness. And that s just the beginning: *Make your own origami model of Raxtus the dragon *Draw a map of your own magical preserve *Practice withstanding a distracter spell *Solve riddles from the sphinx *Learn how to play a game of Shadow Tag *Learn how to draw a dragon *Color detailed coloring pages of Fablehaven creatures *Make an enchanted rain stick *Learn to cook Ogre Stew *And much, much more . .

And within the pages of this book are secret codes that will help readers discover a secret message from Brandon Mull about Dragonwatch, the sequel series to Fablehaven.

Publisher: Shadow Mountain
ISBN-13: 9781629722412
ISBN-10: 1629722413
Published on 10/4/2016
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 160

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Brandon Mull is the best! This book would be so much fun!

When I was completing/reading this book, (it is a book that you complete like little games, colorable things and recipes for enchanted stuff), I had a little trouble with this book since I have not read Brandon Mull's series. So I would recommend it to kids who have already read the series. But I still had fun with it. The book is nice for long rides or bored days when its raining outside or your sick. I had fun coloring stuff and pretending to be a magical person.

Justin Justin

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elsa elsa

i love it

Okay, the first thing you have to know is that the Fablehaven series is, like, my favorite series ever. I was so excited to get this book; I might have danced around the house a little bit when it arrived. After the series finishing so long ago, this book was a great throwback and got me pumped up for the sequel series, Dragonwatch. This activity book was a lot of fun, it has puzzles, coloring pages, and fun little projects all themed around the Fablehaven universe. Even as an 11th grader, I really liked filling out this book. In my opinion, this book is awesome! I would definitely recommend it to anyone, all ages and genders, who's a fan of the Fablehaven series, and if you haven't read the series yet, you totally should!

Fablehaven Book of Imagination by Brandon Mull is an activity book that could can do by yourself, or there are activities to do with friends. Activities in this book include pictures to color, riddles, recipes, mazes, origami, crafts, and drawing tutorials. There are also photos of Brandon Mull, some of when he was a kid, and some of when he was doing research for his books. One feature of this book is you get to invent your own preserve for magical creatures. You can draw a map, make up code names for you and your friends, and combine your own potions. One fun thing I especially liked is that there are codes throughout the book that you need the Fablehaven series to solve. Each code has four numbers; the book number, the book page, the line, and the word. When you solve all the codes you put them in order and you get a secret about Brandon Mulls new series Dragonwatch! I also love the quote pages by famous people and characters from the Fablehaven series. There are so many different aspects of this book, that I couldn't cover them all. But I really enjoyed working on these activities. I recommend this activity book to fans of all ages of Fablehaven. I rate this book 5 out of 5 stars.

Great reveiw it really stood out to me

Fablehaven Book of Imagination by Brandon Mull is something I’d probably spend my time on if I have time waiting for my bus or perhaps when I feel creative. At first, when I browsed the pages, it looks like one of those puzzle or doodle books, however, as I read further, I found that it is actually a book that has some secret codes about the Dragonwatch series. I have not read the Dragonwatch series, therefore this review is simply on this Fablehaven Book of Imagination. I find this book interesting because it is only in black and white, unlike most doodle books, and because of this, it doesn’t have overwhelming colors popping out in my mind. This is a very creative tactic! Another creative tactic Brandon Mull uses is a lot of sketching and handwriting. The writing looks like it was written by hand, and the drawings are original. This book makes you think outside the box and sparks your inner artistic talent. By going through this book, it allows you to use your imagination and transforms you into an artist and to be more spontaneous. There are also lots of quotes from famous authors, giving everyone inspiration.