Esperanza Rising

Esperanza Rising

By Pam Munoz Ryan

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Interest LevelReading LevelReading A-ZATOSWord Count
Grades 4 - 7Grades 3 - 8V5.341905
Publication Date: 2000

Winner of the Pura Belpré Medal for outstanding children's literature that celebrates the Latino/a cultural experience.

Publisher: Scholastic
ISBN-13: 9780439120425
ISBN-10: 043912042X
Published on 9/27/2016
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 262

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I've read this book before, I just never read the whole thing because I mean why would I read a book I've read a million times In the past, listen I'm not gonna lie but It's a good book but It's just not for me. I almost died reading this book! (not actually) but still, I do recommend you check It out.

This book was very good I would read it all day it is long but so worth it in the book it is about a girl named Esperanza father dies and they lose there house and have to move to united states to live a better life but it is not a better life for them the lived in a big home and moved into a small cabin they had to share with several people! It is a very happy and sad book. I CRIED! amazing book READ IT

I loved this book so much, and recommend it to anyone and everyone.

My class and I read this book, it was amazing!!!! Esperanza has to learn how to rise above difficulties and adjust to being poor. I would really recommend this book. It is really interesting. When Papa, Sixto Ortega, was killed by bandits, Esperanza and Mama, Ramona Ortega, must escape from Tio Luis. Tio Luis was Papa's brother and wanted to marry Mama for wealth and respect. Mama, Esperanza, Miguel, Hortensia, and Alfonso escape at night to go to California. They stay at Alfonso's brother's house. Esperanza meets more people such as Marta, a girl that who despises Esperanza. There is a dust storm and Mama gets severely sick. Esperanza must learn to be the head of the household. (temporarily) This book is based on history, the Mexican Revolution, and the real Esperanza.( who is Pam Munoz Ryan's grandmother.

this book is super awesome because it explains what esperanza is going through when her father passed away right before her birth day

YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST READ THIS BOOK!!! Esperanza Ortega is a twelve-year-old girl, turning thirteen, and she is looking forward to her birthday. But that evening, when her father goes away in town, he doesn't come back. Sixto Ortega was attacked by bandits and killed. Not long after, the entire house catches on fire! Abuelita is injured. Hortensia, the maid; Alfonso, a campesino; her mother, Ramona; and Miguel, Hortensia and Alfonso's son, must flee to America for better work. And if Mama accepts Tio Luis's proposal, nothing will be well again! So they go to California! Esperanza meets a girl named Marta, who despises her because she misjudged Esperanza. Marta is taking part in a strike for better work conditions. She also meets Isabel, Josefina, and more people! But when a dust storm hits and mama gets sick, Esperanza doesn't know how she will cope. But she takes what she has and is determined to help. But one day when Miguel goes away, can Esperanza fix what she's messed up? This figurative language-filled book is beautifully written and based off of the real Esperanza Ortega!

I personally loved this book. Esperanza has to learn to accept her new life. (I will write another review with the summary)

It's really good🙂🙂🙂

Tells a story about the seoeration of the social classes and how moeney seperate us. How you go from the very top to the bottom.

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