By Ursula Vernon

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Book 1 of 11 in the  Dragonbreath Series
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n/aGrades 2 - 5O4.39814
It's not easy for Danny Dragonbreath to be the sole mythical creature in a school for reptiles and amphibians?especially because he can't breathe fire like other dragons (as the school bully loves to remind him). But having a unique family comes in handy sometimes, like when his sea-serpent cousin takes Danny and his best iguana friend on a mindboggling underwater tour, complete with vomiting sea cucumbers and giant squid. It sure beats reading the encyclopedia to research his ocean report . . .

Using a hybrid of comic-book panels and text, Ursula Vernon introduces an irresistible set of characters with a penchant for getting themselves into sticky situations. It's perfect for both the classroom and fans of Wimpy Kid and Bad Kitty.

Publisher: Puffin Books
ISBN-13: 9780142420959
ISBN-10: 0142420956
Published on 9/13/2012
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 160

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im still reading it but so far so good.follow me if you readit,reading it,want to read it, and also if you agree.

parker da 1 parker da 1

read it like a 100 times and still never bored

Fortnite Fortnite

5 stars!!!

Fortnite Fortnite

I like the book

Dragonbreath is about a dragon called Danny Dragonbreath. Danny need to write a report about ocean, so he go on an adventure with his friend, a iguana called Wendell and his cousin, a sea serpent called Edward. The main characters in the story is Danny, Wendell, and Edward. They are having an adventure and they do the most thing in the story. Danny is not very credible, he always want to do work in last second and he likes adventures. A lot of times I do work at the last second, and my grade is not very good on that. I like this book, there is some comic in the book, it make the book easier to understand and it is more entertaining.

try out this awesome series

I really liked this book, when my sister rented it from the library. It was awesome.

this book was pretty good but i think personally it took a little time to get in the swing of things

I wanna read!

Skatergirl13 Skatergirl13

I have this book!!! It's awesome! All ages should read it :)

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