By Carl Hiaasen

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The hysterical #1 New York Times bestseller from Newbery honoree Carl Hiaasen featuring gators, snakes, bats that bite, and reality show hosts gone wild!
When Wahoo Cray’s dad—a professional animal wrangler—takes a job with a reality TV show called Expedition Survival!, Wahoo figures he'll have to do a bit of wrangling himself to keep his father from killing Derek Badger, the show's inept and egotistical star. But the job keeps getting more complicated: Derek Badger insists on using wild animals for his stunts; and Wahoo's acquired a shadow named Tuna—a girl who's sporting a shiner courtesy of her father and needs a place to hide out. 

They've only been on location in the Everglades for a day before Derek gets bitten by a bat and goes missing in a storm. Search parties head out and promptly get lost themselves. And then Tuna's dad shows up with a gun . . .

It's anyone's guess who will actually survive Expedition Survival. . . 

“Only in Florida—and in the fiction of its native son Carl Hiaasen—does a dead iguana fall from a palm tree and kill somebody.” —New York Post
Chomp is a delightful laugh-out-loud sendup of the surreality of TV that will be enjoyed by readers of all ages.” —Los Angeles Times
Chomp shines in its humorous, subtle tweaks on pop culture. . . . The real satisfaction, however, is not so much in the book’s humor but in its truth.” —Time Out Chicago Kids
Publisher: Orion Children's Books (an Imprint of The Orion Publishing Group Ltd )
ISBN-13: 9781444006452
ISBN-10: 1444006452
Published on 5/2/2013
Binding: Paperback

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Wahoo's dad Mickey Cray is a animal wrangler and he hasn't had a job since a frozen Iguana fell out of a palm tree and and hit him on the head. Wahoo's mom goes to China for a job and Wahoo sets them up on a job for a Reality TV show called Expedition Survival. Derek Badger the host is a big fake (and he acts like a big baby sometimes xD ) Before they set off for the Everglades a girl name Tuna Gordan (also she has a black eye.) asks them for a ride - and says she is willing to go anywhere - so the three set off to the Everglades with the rest of the TV crew. There Derek basically gets hit quite a few times, and things don't go exactly how the job was supposed to go. . . A mix of laughs and suspense recommended to all ages Thanks for reading -Ajg16's reviews

One of the main characters, Derek, learned at the end of the story that being honest and truthful brings a great reward. For example, he tries to swim with a twelve foot alligator, and he attacks a crazy man with a gun to save his show crew. Afterwards, he tries to sleep in a tent in the Florida Everglades instead of flying away to a fancy hotel. As a result, the other characters, Tuna and Wahoo, realize that Derek is not as wimpy as they thought he was. Derek filmed and posted his wild adventure and it got more views than ever. Because of these actions, Derek is not as conceited and never faked anything else on his TV show after his crazy experience. I would rate Chomp an ¨9 out of 10¨, and there weren´t any illustrations, so there wasn´t a rating. I definitely recommend this book because the book is very humorous and once the reader begins to read it, it is very hard to stop. Because of Derek´s personality, it makes the reader think, ¨Oh no, what is he going to mess up next?¨ One question I would ask the author is, ¨If Derek never thought he was a vampire, how would that effect the end of the story?¨

Good review! Thorough and very descriptive. Well done.

It is a great book about a wrangler and his son

Chomp Do you like books that are funny? If so, Chomp is a good book for you! Chomp was written by Carl Hiaasen. The theme of the book is Man vs. Nature. I really liked this book and rate it 5 stars. The book is introduced with Mickey Cray, who suffered from a serious concussion that put him out of work. He lives in Florida and he has a son named Wahoo (as in the type of fish). Wahoo’s mom goes away for work, so Wahoo is left with his dad. After Wahoo’s mom leaves, Mickey is offered a job on a T.V nature show watching over some animals. Some of his animals from his backyard are also going to be on the same show. The issue is the star of the show, Derek Badger, is a total faker. The whole show is planned out. Another problem is that Derek and Mickey are polar opposites. Mickey protects the environment while Derek only cares about the T.V show and eats all the animals which are mostly fake. As a reader of almost all of Hiaasen’s books, I predicted this will cause a lot of tension, and I was right. Mickey is constantly calling Derek, “Derek Beaver” and Derek is always getting mad at Mickey when one of the animals attack him. This book is very similar to ​Hoot​ and ​Scat, two other Hiaasen books, which are both very good. ​Three Times Lucky ​by Sheila Turnage is also similar to ​Chomp.​ Anybody who is looking for a humorous book to read should read ​Chomp​. I highly recommend it.

Expedition Survival crew  Derek Badger a t.v star  Tuna one of Wahoo’s friends     After Mr. Cray got hit in the head with a dead iguana the Crays have been have no a rough  time. There mom left for China and Mr. Cray had been getting lots of headaches and problems.  Also they have lots of animals since Mr. Cray is an animal wrangler. The Crays needed money  so there mom left for work in China and Mr. Cray got a call from this t.v show called S urvival​   because they wanted to use his animals for the show. But Mr. Cray is very protective of  his animals. Then one day the star of the show w ith one of Mr. Crays animals, a alligator named Alice. The star almost got himself killed by  doing that so Mr. Cray had to save him. After Derek Badger saw the video he want to do the  whole show wild. So the next day the whole crew left for the everglades. While the Cray’s were  at Walmart looking for items to bring with on the camping trip they met Tuna. Tuna had a black  eye from when her dad slugged her in the eye. Wahoo wouldn't let her stay in these conditions  so he asked her to come with them. She agreed to come with since Wahoo told her about the  job with ​ E xpedition Survival ​ a nd it turns out that Tuna likes that shows ight they load the air boats and take a look at the filming area. That night Wahoo and Tuna  sneak out and see what the ​ E xpedition Survival crew o ut to use the bathroom. The cameraman is over Wahoo and Tuna so Wahoo makes a rustle  noise the cameraman runs away and Wahoo and Tuna run away. Tuna finds out that a lot of the  things she sees on t.v is fake. Derek Badger stays in a five star hotel instead of camping out. On  day after the shoot the being intro they find out a storm is coming there way. Wahoo and Tuna  are talking about her dad and what he did to buy Wahoo gets mad and leaves the tent. Raven  Stark sees him out in the rain and offers him a jacket he puts it on and Raven ask why is he  standing out in the rain. Wahoo says he's upset. He asked if he could use the phone to call his  mom. Then he went back or the camp. Later that night the storm came. It turns out the main t.v  star went missing. Will they find him or will they all get lost?    I’ve watched some survival shows before like ​ D ual Survival p lot beside the fact that they don't come parachuting on too the island. The author has written  three other books ​ H oot​   is one which is has won the Newbery honor award. People who are into  goodreads and funny sort of crazy adventurous type of books. I would recommend watching a  survival show before reading the book so you can get a understanding of what it's like.     I hope that you will ​ C homp ​ r ight into this book.

It's a really sad story of how a family didn't have enough money to buy food for a lot of animals in their backyard. So they had to take a job from a local TV star that wants to kind of hurt the animals but not actually hurting them.

My opinion of this book is that it is amazing and it defently deserves the Rebecca Caudill award.

This book is so interesting but i have to take it back like this week.I'm going to get done with it before I take it back. WOWWWWWW

The title of the book I read is Chomp by Mark Haissen. The book is about a family named the Crays and they are very low on money. Wahoo's mother, Susan Cray, goes on a trip to China to see if she can earn some money. Mickey Cray, the father of Wahoo, had a serious concussion about 5 months ago. When the producer of Expedition Survival! calls, Wahoo accepts the job right away. The producer of the show wanted to use the Cray's animals in their backyard for their next big shoot. My opinion of the book is that it is a very interesting book. In the last 40 pages, it started getting very good. Some evidence for this is that in the last 40 pages, Jared Gordon has Mickey Cray hostage with a gun to his back at all times. In the beginning, it was very slow and a little hard to understand but once I read it over a couple of times, I would understand what the Mark Haissen was trying to tell me. At the end, the author tried getting the suspense going right until the last word of the book. The genre is realistic fiction because some TV producer could actually make a show called Expedition Survival! and make it a very popular show. Another thing that was also realistic was that the Crays has a mini zoo in their backyard and someone in the world can have that. A person that would like to read this book is a person that likes suspense and a little humor. Also, the person might like to have a high understanding of some hard words. An internal conflict in Mickey Cray is that he has a major concussion and he gets headaches all the time so he has to sit down once in awhile instead of being in on the action. An external conflict in the book is that Mickey Cray is being held hostage with a gun to his back at all times.

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