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    Good review! Thorough and very descriptive. Well done.
    Almost 3 years ago
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    By Carl Hiaasen
    Almost 3 years ago
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    One of the main characters, Derek, learned at the end of the story that being honest and truthful brings a great reward. For example, he tries to swim with a twelve foot alligator, and he attacks a crazy man with a gun to save his show crew. Afterwards, he tries to sleep in a tent in the Florida Everglades instead of flying away to a fancy hotel. As a result, the other characters, Tuna and Wahoo, realize that Derek is not as wimpy as they thought he was. Derek filmed and posted his wild adventure and it got more views than ever. Because of these actions, Derek is not as conceited and never faked anything else on his TV show after his crazy experience. I would rate Chomp an ¨9 out of 10¨, and there weren´t any illustrations, so there wasn´t a rating. I definitely recommend this book because the book is very humorous and once the reader begins to read it, it is very hard to stop. Because of Derek´s personality, it makes the reader think, ¨Oh no, what is he going to mess up next?¨ One question I would ask the author is, ¨If Derek never thought he was a vampire, how would that effect the end of the story?¨
    Almost 3 years ago

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