Case File #4 Rabbids Go Viral (Rabbids Invasion)

Case File #4 Rabbids Go Viral (Rabbids Invasion)

By David Lewman

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Book 4 of 5 in the  Rabbids Case Files Series
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n/a Grade 5 n/a 4.4 5897
In this fourth book in the hilarious illustrated chapter book series, Agent Glyker builds a robot Rabbid and attempts to infiltrate the Rabbids to learn their secrets!

When a video of the Rabbids wreaking havoc at a birthday party goes viral, Director Stern of the SGAII-RD (Secret Government Agency for the Investigation of Intruders, Rabbid Division) tells Agent Glyker that this is the last straw—the Rabbids must be stopped! Luckily, Glyker has a new plan: infiltration. Once his robot Rabbid is among the Rabbids and they’ve accepted it as one of their own, Glyker will be able to figure out what their plan is and put a stop to it. At least, that’s the idea…

Peek into Glyker’s top-secret files and laugh along as the Rabbids stay one step ahead of the poor agent…for now!

Rabbids TM & © 2015 Ubisoft Entertainment.
Publisher: Simon Spotlight
ISBN-13: 9781481427661
ISBN-10: 1481427660
Published on 2/17/2015
Binding: Hardcover
Number of pages: 96

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Cool book and very funny. Also the book is based on the series. And the series is very funny and I have the first book in the series

This book was HORRIBLE. No offense though to the author. I think it could have been way better and I wasted my time reading that book when I could of read a better book.

This book is horrible and is boring. It had no plot or anything and made absolutely no sense!!!!! I do NOT recommend, to anybody at all!!!

I am sorry to say, this book was simply bad and not enjoyable. It had no story other than random weird rabbits. I DO NOT recommend this book. :(

This is a great book! The Rabbids are funny and mischievous. Very entertaining book!

this is so LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is my freinds faveroit book

i love the movie and i really want to read the book it looks funny and it look cool the creators must be really funny and good at!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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