Camo Girl

Camo Girl

By Kekla Magoon

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Grades 4 - 8 Grades 2 - 4 n/a 3.7 37076
Set in a suburb of Las Vegas, Ella and Zachary, called Z, have been friends forever, but Z has always been “the weird kid” in their class. He collects stubby pencils, plays chess, and maintains an elaborate –and public– fantasy life, starring himself as a brave knight. Z’s games were okay back in 3rd or 4th grade, but by now their other friends have ditched them both. Z doesn’t care, but Ella longs to be part of a group of friends, even though most of the class makes fun of her. Ella’s mother is black and her father (now deceased) was white, and she’s the only black girl in their sixth grade class. When a new boy, Bailey, moves to town, he befriends Ella, because they are now the only two black kids in class. But Bailey is popular – popular enough to make Ella cool and give her a wider circle of friends – but only if she stops hanging out with Z. Ella’s faced with a difficult decision – remain loyal to the boy who has been her best and only friend for years, or pass up the opportunity to be one of the popular kids that she has always longed to be.
Publisher: Aladdin
ISBN-13: 9781416978053
ISBN-10: 1416978054
Published on 6/5/2012
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 224

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Imagine yourself as someone who would kill to be popular, but simply can't, just because of what you look like and the people you're friends with. Well, this is the story if the book Camo Girl, by Kekla Magoon. This is a realistic fiction book that in many ways is very real in the world. Yet this book sends a great message to kids all around, and it is simply amazing. Ella and Z have been friends forever. It doesn't matter, when, where, or what they're doing, it's always done together. The author clearly shows that Ella would do anything to be popular, but she simply can't leave Z behind. Since Z is known as the weird kid at school, Ella knows he needs someone there to protect him from the the bullies and popular kids. But things change when the new kid Bailey comes to school. Bailey learns quickly who's popular, and who's not. Ella really tries to make an impression on Bailey at school. One day, Ella comes home to Bailey playing basketball in her driveway. Bailey offers to teach her, and even asks if she wants to hang out. The next day at school, when Ella is called names, Bailey stands up for her, and even leaves the lunch table he was sitting at to go sit with her and Z. Bailey soon learns to accept Ella, but Z disapproves. Z is jealous of all of the time Ella spends with Bailey now, so he separates himself from her. Ella is left with the decision of choosing popularity or her best friend, which puts her in a tough spot. Kekla Magoon is the author of many other books, including The Rock and the River, How it Went Down, and Fire in the Streets. The type of reader that would enjoy this book would be any gender from ages 10-15. This books send a great message to kids about being yourself and making the right decisions in life.

So far this book is amazing. It's my 15 year old sister's. i read the first page and was instantly hooked. my new fav author is drum roll plz............. KEKLA MAGOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Read everyone has something to hide(from the book Camo Girl by Kekla Magoon)

I recently read the book Camo Girl by Kekla Magoon. In this book, a girl named Ella lives with her grandmother and mother. Her mother is only home on weekends because, she works the rest of the week. Ella's father died a few years ago. Ella's face is light brown and dark brown, that's why the kids tease her and call her Camo Face, or CF. Her only friend is Z. Z is very smart and also lost his father, his father left Z and his mom. When a new boy, Bailey moves to town Ella becomes friends with him when he is the only other African American kid in their school. Z starts to get jealous, and Ella must decide on what to do about it. She must also decide to stay friends with Z, or start hanging with the other kids. I thought this book was very sad, but I liked it even though it almost made me cry. If you don't like sad books, I would not recommend this book to you. The genre is realistic fiction because people actually have this skin condition and the events in this book could actually happen. Someone who would like this book, is someone who enjoys books about social rankings and bullying. Both of these things happen in this book. It is more of a girl book, so I wouldn't recommend it to boys, but they may enjoy it. This book is mainly a man vs self because, Ella is debating herself on sitting with Z or the other kids. Overall, I loved this book even when it was sad and totally recommend.

I read the book Camo Girl by Kekla Magoon. Ella is the only African American girl in her grade and gets teased a lot because of how she looks. Her best friend is a boy she calls, Z. They are the "weird kids" in school, the outsiders. That is, until a new kid comes to school. Bailey James. He is another African American who becomes really nice and popular right away. Ella finally feel like she could fit into the popular side because of Bailey. Ella and Bailey hit it off and become good friends. Ella now has to choose whether to switch to the popular side or to stay with her friend, Z who really needs her. In my opinion this book was really good. I liked it because it was really easy to imagine the story as I read it. This was because the author used very good description and detail. I also really liked the plot of the story. This book is realistic fiction because I think the author took clips out of her own life to create a story others should be aware of. This book is also realistic fiction because what happens in the story could actually happen in real life. I think older girls would like this book because it is a pretty serious book about many different issues involving relationships, friendships, and family problems. But it is also a good book to learn from. An external problem in this book is when Ella gets picked on a lot at school by other boys and girls. I think this conflict would be a Man vs. Society. I hope you think about reading this book!

The title of my book is Camo Girl by Kekla Magoon. My book is about a African American girl that is friends with a special Ed boy named Zachary. When a new boy comes around to town and the girl get a crush on him. She doesn't know how to explain how Zachary is and doesn't know if he is just like the other kids in the school. The book is very good and explain that anyone can understand another person. The book also shows that it good to get back with your old friends instead of going with the crowd. The reason why this book is good it not only show friends come before dreams and that you are never alone. This is man vs self in this book because he main character Ella has trouble choosing her crush or her best friend. She also has trouble convincing that she is beautiful like everyone else in the world. The person that should read this book is teens that are going through middle school and that have a hard time making friends are don't have a hard time making friends. An internal conflict in the story is when in the store Ella bumps into her crush and has to chose between talking to her crush and Zachary.