Best Friends

Best Friends

By Shannon Hale

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Publisher: First Second
ISBN-13: 9781250317452
ISBN-10: 1250317452
Published on 8/27/2019
Binding: Hardcover
Number of pages: 224

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Title: Best Friends Author: Shannon Hale Genre: Auto Biography I would give this novel a 5/5 because it really shows what it's like to have struggles in 6th grade. It also shows that not everybody is supposed to be perfect. One thing I found interesting about this book is how Shannon denied Jenny when she asked to be in the group two times yet she still hangs out with them. Another thing I found interesting is how Jen made Shannon's group back into the group again which is very unfair to Shannon because she tried to start over. Lastly I would recommend this book for grades 3rd to 6th because it takes place in sixth grade but a 2nd grader wouldn't get it because they don't really understand this sort of concept and what the group is.

best friends is one of the best books that i have ever read(and i have read over a hundred books!)and warms may heart every time i read it.i have read the other books in the series but best friends is probably my favourite.

i love this is about shannon and her friend troubles. it helps me understand what to do if this ever happened to me. i have all 3 of them and i love them.

This is a cool book about a girl who is in sixth grade & she is figuring out what to do. She has friends from 1st grade. The problem is that her friends are bullies to her friend & start to bully her. At the end she stands up to them & wins a fight. The theme of the book is friendship. If you think this book is cool you should read the prequel Real Friends. This book made me know what middle school will be like.

Best friends takes place in salt lake city ,utah,. shannon was friends with jen the popular kid called jen and its mostly about going to six grade

A sequel to Real Friends, Best Friends takes place in Salt Lake City, Utah, 1985. Shannon is about to start sixth grade, the last year of elementary school. Her best friend is Jen, the most popular girl in school. Jen and Shannon became best friends, but sixth grade makes it harder for Shannon to know how to KEEP them. Jenny, a former BFF of Jen, is still intent on ruining Shannon's life. It's time for Shannon to learn how to find her own self and find suitable friends who respect and cherish her.

I just read this book. It's the sequl to real friends, and It's about Shannon going in 6th grade.

Shannon is now in 6th grade, and things are going great. Jenny no longer bullies Shannon since Shannon stood up to her. Shannon is Jen's best friend. And Shannon is popular. She like being popular, but she feels weird about it. She feels like she is leaving out the other kids, and that all she and her friends do is what Jen decides to do. Even though most people think being popular means that you fit in, Shannon still feels like the odd one out.

This book is really good, totally worth , the first one is called Real Friends, also really good📖😁.

i love this book i want to buy it

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