Animal Farm

Animal Farm

By George Orwell

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George Orwell’s 1945 satire on the perils of Stalinism has proved magnificently long-lived as a parable about totalitarianism anywhere—and has given the world at least one immortal phrase: “Everyone is equal, but some are more equal than others.”This new dramatization sticks very closely to the book, and the production has toured all over England, Scotland, Wales and Romania in Orwell’s centenary year. “Dare I say it . . . as good as the book.”—Guardian

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Published on 6/10/2017
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This book was amazing, It was told perfectly and depicts a farm with well... animals. On this farm, the farmer controls the animals and makes them work with no reward. Finally, the animals get tired of their treatment, revolt against the farmer for a new life, but to this first though perfect life of the animals new found freedom, there is one problem... the pigs. Two pigs Snowball and Napoleon hope to both reign over the farm as the leader, Snowball shares his ideas of a society powered by a windmill, an almost perfect future. While Napoleon promises prosperity, freedom, more riches, and comfortable life. After a turn of events and Napoleon's leader of the farm, things seem the change, and the life they expected is only in their dreams. This book has a great message about Socialism and how the farm animals had hoped for a good life after their revolt, but the pigs had deceived them to gain power and live a lavished life.

It's a great book! An amazing read for anybody who likes books with a deeper meaning.

This is an amazing book. The animals are tired of the human that took care of them so they took over. Then another pig comes and rules over them like the human did. It is a exact replica of the Russian revolution but with the animals. it tells a message in this story of concurring and tyranny . A must read.

This is my favorite book,i love animals! Even though im grade 11

What starts out as a children's story soon spirals into an almost exact replica of the Russian Revolution, expertly told through the words of George Orwell. The novel follows the adventures of the animals on a farm, tired and resentful of the treatment they've received from humans. After a carefully-planned attack, they overthrow the humans and have the farm all to themselves, which is a joyous event--at least at first. Because every new beginning means new hardships. Are the animals really better than the humans, or do they find themselves succumbing to the same level of tyranny they once rebelled against? Once again, George Orwell brings up serious topics through entertaining, suspenseful satire. This magnificently-written novel is a must-read.

One of the best books I have read. Animal Farm Great dramatization of the very heavy idea that "Absolute power is likely to Corrupt Absolutely!" I have read this book multiple times and would read it again because every time I read I gain new insights into human nature and the civilization/government game.

The animal farm is a great to read. I love the way the author describe the characters and the communication makes me fit into the story, so I can imagine the event in the real life. Animal farm tells the simple and tragic story of what happen when the oppressed farm animal rebel the farmer and tried to rule the farm themselves, they wanted created an equal and happy farm. The story is related to my life some part, for example, the people dissatisfied the government system and tried to rebel them. I recommend this book for everyone because I think everyone should understand what the purpose of people rebel.

Animal Farm is about the Russian revolution that happened in the 20th century. The story is basically an imitation of the Russian revolution, but they changed all the historic people into animals such as pigs, donkey, etc. Throughout this entire story, there’s a deep meaning under every single words and it’s about how the animals drove Jones out of the farm and then started to be on their own, and they believed in Communism, which is known as Animalism for them. Eventually throughout the story, it did not last at all. The pigs took the power because they were smart and fooled everyone that they’re the best and they’re right for most of the story. My favorite part of this story is when Boxer got took away to get killed instead of going to the veterinarian, it somewhat revealed that the pigs didn’t appreciate him at all. I’m very impressed with how the author is able to change a revolution into a entertaining story that students will be willing to read. This is an interesting story and I’ll recommend it to readers who’s interested in the Russian revolution.

This is a great, classic book by George Orwell. Animal Farm is one of the greatest book written by George Orwell. It's very entertaining and has surprising twists. It represents the Russian revolution well and also totalitarianism. You can immediately tell which animal represents who. It also tells a moral. The moral is to take care of whoever you have power over or they'll revolt against you. This is a great, entertaining book that I would highly recommend. Also, this book doesn't have a lot of pages so if you don't like to read, read Animal Farm.

This book after first seems to be a simple story about farm animals, but as readers delve deeper into the storyline they begin to realize that it's not just that. There's a deeper meaning behind the words. I for one think Animal Farm is a piece of work that is politically challenging and in equal parts revealing. A must read for historians and students alike.

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