10 Amazing Slenderman Stories

10 Amazing Slenderman Stories

By Jack Goldstein, Jimmy Russell

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Just before Jack Goldstein and Jimmy Russell published their last book about Slenderman, 101 Amazing Slenderman Facts, they were both found dead in suspicious circumstances. The book was published in their memories. What was not known at the time however was that two packages were making their way through the Royal Mail service. One was from Jimmy and addressed to Jack, the other from Jack addressed to Jimmy. Both packages contained worrying documents detailing the history of Slenderman, and including some terrifying stories.

This grisly collection of documents is offered to the reader in the hope they can make some sense of the killings, as well as finding out further information regarding the slim being.

Proceed with caution.
Publisher: AUK Authors
Published on 8/11/2013
Binding: Kindle Edition
Number of pages: 52

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slenderman is made up, some people who beleave in him think that he tells them to murder people

daniel daniel

its bad because he is real and people said that he lives in the forest and when they looked at him in the eyes slender man killed them.

My friend says that he is real

he,s sooooooooooooooooooooooooo wrong.

maybe he isnt

He,s so scary. right? and not real too. right?

These stories are so fake