Percy Jackson X 5 Book Set Series Collection 5 Book Set

Percy Jackson 5 Books Set by Rick Riordan . Titles are: the Lightning Thief, the Last Olympian, the Titan's Curse, the Sea of Monsters and the Battle of the Labyrinth.
8 Book Reviews
  • willowschultz
    willowschultzover 1 year
    I read the first series, and it was pretty good, if you like mythology (specifically Greek mythology) then it’s a good choice, I also read the follow up series, it’s even better : )
    • magicalmythical
      magicalmythicalover 1 year55 stars
      I really want them all, they are so cool and fun to read! I LOVE these series! :)
      • riverdalegirl
        riverdalegirlover 1 year55 stars
        Percy Jackson is a demigod, his mother is human but his father is Poseidon, the sea god. When he discovered Camp Half-Blood, a special camp for demigods, he embarks on quests to retrieve Zeus's Lightning Bolt, go get the Golden Fleece...Basically saving the world!
        • 4usa
          4usaover 1 year55 stars
          This is a great series about the adventures of a boy named Percy Jackson who finds out that he is the only son of the Greek god Posioden (I hope I am spelling that right)! If you like action, adventure, and magic than you will love these!
          • skullgirlygirl
            skullgirlygirlover 2 years55 stars
            I read all of these books and I liked all of them! I like the books cause it has humor and it has seriousness. but it might have things that younger kids will not understand. it has some scary parts and it also leads on to Magnus chase!
            • xx_imhidden_xx
              xx_imhidden_xxover 2 years55 stars
              This is a book that got me into reading alot personally I think others should read it.Also may i add Percy Jackson has got me through school alot.I would get bullied then i would go read these books and feel beter.
              • tapipodokigohy
                tapipodokigohyalmost 3 years55 stars
                Okay, those of you in my class this year know I LOVE this series. I get inspiration everyday from Annabeth Chase's wisdom to Nico di Angelo's determination. It sounds cheesy I know but it's true. Rick Riorden is such a talented author had has a wide array of characters (even LGBTQ+ characters) all unique, special, and amazing in every way. I love his other series's as well and I hope you do too. :)
                • hermonie12
                  hermonie12almost 3 years55 stars
                  I love Greek Mythology and I love Fiction books. But put them together and I go crazy. This whole series is so good to read and enjoy. Reading is my passion and these books make it worth-while.