Minecraft: Mincraft Jokes For Kids (Activity Books, Superheroes) (Minecraft Xbox - Minecraft Jokes For Kids - Minecraft - Minecraft Games - Minecraft Comics - Minecraft Mobs - Free)

Minecraft Jokes For Kids

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Here're some jokes from the book

Bobby: I got the wood first!
Prince: No, I got the wood first!
Hans: This should “nether” have started in the first place if you guys just share!

Bro: I want to play Minecraft alone.
Joe: Why is that?
Bro: Because I want to “mine” my own business.

Gregory: Yesterday, my friend and I gave each other a lot of Minecraft tips!
Donnie: Really? What a kind friend you have.
Gregory: Yeah, he was being Sjinscere to me!

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Kindle Edition, 29 pages
Published on February 6, 2015
47 Book Reviews
  • kate2021
    kate202110 months44 stars
    I love it the jokes were good.
    • arctic_fox_girl
      arctic_fox_girl10 months55 stars
      • jazmine2008
        jazmine2008almost 2 years
        hmmm sounds really interesting. i'll give it a go!
        • doubletrouble
          doubletroublealmost 2 years55 stars
          It's so cool that I kept reading it over and over again
          • shatow
            shatowalmost 2 years55 stars
            i love minecraft
            • eeveelutiongurl
              eeveelutiongurlabout 2 years55 stars
              Omg, this book was so awesome and funny
              • uytdfghjkldsxch
                uytdfghjkldsxchover 3 years55 stars
                This book sounds so cool! Can someone please reply and tell me how to bookmark it, and if books aren't able to be bookmarked, someone please tell me.
              • littleestella
                littleestellaalmost 4 years33 stars
                It was a little funny.I was kinda ecspecing more,or atleast a bit more than I thought though........
                • akingalmost 4 years
                  it was alittle funny
                  • dominic almost 4 years
                    i do not like minecraft it is so out dated play fortnite
                    • leviswearingen
                      leviswearingenover 1 year55 stars
                      i love fortnite i dont like mine craft i play every seson of fortnite even seson one and seson x
                      • uytdfghjkldsxch
                        uytdfghjkldsxchover 3 years55 stars
                        Minecraft is probably the best game out there other than ROBLOX. WAY better than Fortnite, so for all the people out there who haven't played Minecraft and want to play Fortnite, I strongly suggest Minecraft over Fortnite.
                        • purplepumpkin
                          purplepumpkinalmost 4 years55 stars
                          Minecraft is awesome and its made to look like a pixel game from a long time ago and that's whys its so great.