70 Must-Know Word Problems, Grade 7 (Singapore Math)

Welcome to Singapore Math––the leading math program in the world! This workbook features math practice and activities for seventh grade students based on the Singapore Math method. An introduction at the front of each book explains Singapore Math and its common problem types. Each unit has learning objectives, which clearly define the skills to be learned in that section, and an answer key with step-by-step worked out solutions that help students see how to work the problems. This book is perfect for students familiar with Singapore Math and for those who just need extra math practice!

Many students struggle with word problems because they typically involve two or more mathematical concepts and require reading, comprehension, and analytical skills to determine the solution. To help overcome this struggle, these Singapore Math workbooks focus on diagrams, number bonds, the "counting on" method, and the "crossing out" method to help students master challenging word problems as well as exercise mental calculation. Perfect as a supplement to classroom work or as a homeschool resource, this series will boost confidence in problem-solving and critical-thinking skills.

Paperback, 160 pages
Published on June 1, 2009 by Frank Schaffer Publications
ISBN-10: 0768240166
ISBN-13: 9780768240160
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  • pizzalover6482
    pizzalover6482about 2 years55 stars
    Math helps you learn and makes your brain grow
    • pizzalover6482
      pizzalover6482about 2 years55 stars
      Math really is not fun or awesome # no math👎 No math no math!!!
      • daphne
        daphnealmost 11 years
        I think it is good becasue it is very very helpful for test and good for improving! :-) I have one of those books at home it really is helping me! and isn't math just the funiest thing in tnhe world! :- { hahahahaha lolzz that was so sarastic! Alright follow meh! :-) Thanxiezz!
        • Dalissaalmost 11 years
          This book is helpfull for math because it have all kind of math and its helpfull to learn a lot of math and it can help you to do great in test of math and this is great for the kids that love math a recomend this book because is helpfull for math
          • izzysk8er
            izzysk8eralmost 11 years
            these are very helpful for tests. it includes answer pages and strategies pages. i am working on it with obvious improvement!