Judy Moody: The Doctor Is In!

Book 5 of 13 in the Judy Moody Series
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Grades K - 3Grades 1 - 4M3.211948
Judy Moody is in a medical mood after she finds out about her new class project on the Amazing Human Body. But a cloning experiment could be about to create some double trouble for Judy and her friends in the fifth book in the internationally bestselling series!Doctor Judy Moody is sure to tickle your funny bone in the hilarious fifth book in the internationally popular and bestselling series, perfect for fans of Jacqueline Wilson, Lauren Child and Kes Gray's Daisy.Judy Moody has got the Moody Monday blues - until she finds out that her class's new project is on the amazing human body. That means skeletons, skulls, a hospital trip, lots of medical jokes and double trouble when Judy's friends trick her into thinking the class guinea pig has been cloned! But when Judy catches the mumps off her younger "bother", Stink, her friends make it up to her by coming to visit.
Hardcover, 151 pages
ISBN-10: 0439743834
ISBN-13: 9780439743839
27 Book Reviews
  • aila
    ailaover 1 year55 stars
    In this book Judy Moody says stuff like RARE! Like every other book but she also attempts to put stitches in a cucumber. Then it falls. But I rate this book 5/5!
    • lolepop
      lolepopover 3 years33 stars
      Judy is thrilled when her teacher announces that they are going to study the Amazing Human Body in class. Not only do they learn all kinds of “RARE!” things, but they get to go on field trip to the ER in the local hospital. Here the doctor in charge tells them all about what happens in the ER, he shows them some very interesting x-rays, and he even demonstrates how they put a cast on a broken arm. Best off all he uses Judy’s arm to demonstrate! The only thing that worries Judy is that she cannot come up with a good idea for her Human Body project. Stink won’t let her operate on his toad, she does not think her band-aid collection is all that interesting, and every other idea that she comes up simple isn't best-third-grade-project-ever worthy. Then Stink shares a special secret with Judy and she gets the idea of a lifetime. As with all the Judy Moody books, this title is laugh out loud funny. Judy, her brother Stink, and all her friends are as delightful as ever. Their ‘voices’ are genuine, and their adventures are true to life. At the same time, the stories have a delicious element of nuttiness that children (and other readers!) will find irresistible.
      • lilly almost 4 years
        This book is a good book to read
        • liliover 4 years
          cool book
          • taniaover 4 years
            lol love it
            • COOL manover 4 years
              cool that was awesome and cool dood
              • CuteBunniesover 5 years
                I love this series.
                • Maryomaover 5 years
                  This book is the best but I want to know what is the problem and the solution but it's the best by the way all judy moody books are amazing
                  • hihi2468
                    hihi2468about 6 years
                    This was fun to read as a kid! Love it
                    • hiyaover 6 years
                      I have liked all the series of Judy Moody so I am sure to like this one !