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    Hatchet Book Review I liked this book because it was so good I love the way things in the book can change so fast. Also the jump scenes can be very nerve racking. One part ended with someone almost dying but they got out of it with almost a broken bone. One part of the book so stressful it was killing me to know what happens. This book was so good that when we were done people wanted to keep on reading and not stop and was one of those people. A lot of really good parts end on a chapter and was still so much more to that one part. SPOILER: My favorite part was when Brains mom gave him the hatchet because without the hatchet he would have not been able to have fire, food, or the survival pack because all of that was able to have with hatchet like the fire the hatchet created sparks and when that happened the fire started. Without the hatchet he wouldn’t have the spear or bow and arrow to hunt the food. The survival pack came from the airplane where the hatchet got him into even while he was getting into the plane, he dropped the hatched and he said without the hatchet I am nothing the hatchet got me here.
    12 months ago
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    By Gary Paulsen
    12 months ago

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