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    Sisters by Raina Telgemeier is about Raina’s family’s trip to Colorado. Raina has a sister named Amara. Her sister is always mean to her. Raina went to the back seat .Then her sister Amara was kicking the back seat,and then Raina got mad at Amara. Then one day mom’s car stopped. Mom and Will went to find somebody to help start mom’s car. Amara stayed with Raina. Mango the snake was Amara’s pet,and Mango got lost in mom’s van because Amara grabbed the bag Mango was in and peaked inside. The snake jumped out and. went inside the seat. Then mom came back.Raina and Amara told mom that they found her pet. Mom didn't believe Raina and Amara that they found Amara’s pet. Soon after that mom believed them. I like this book because it’s a novel book and it has more pictures than normal books. To find out what will happen next read the book.
    About 1 month ago
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    By Raina Telgemeier
    About 1 month ago

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