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    This book is a good book for kids 7 and up. This book is full of funny jokes and pranks. Pranks may include making the President’s son wet his pants. Main characters: Ben The Hale family Ben’s friends Story summary: First, they are in the library when Zoe comes in and says Spyder is back (Spyder is an evil organization).Next, they figure out Spyder is plotting to assassinate the president so Ben (the main character) gets put on the case, but Spyder put a bomb in Ben’s jacket so when he investigates the President it explodes. Then, Ben quickly throws the jacket in the oval office. After that, he gets blamed for trying to kill the President (who is ok), but Ben gets arrested, but he gets away and gets his friends to help him figure out that the plot was really to kill the Joint Chiefs chairmen (who is an undercover agent for Spyder), so now Spyder has control of the nuclear weapons. Last, Ben stops their plans, gets a medal, and makes the President’s son wet his pants.
    About 1 year ago
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    By Stuart Gibbs
    About 1 year ago

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