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    I have always thought that what if one day all my when I woke up that all my memories were just lost, it’s not a great thought but this book takes memory loss to the next level. "The Maze Runner" by James Dashner takes place in the future where Thomas, a 15 year old boy wakes up in an overgrown dystopian land surrounded by a giant ever changing maze called the Glade and can’t remember anything but his name. He then gets to meet all the boys (They lost their memory too) along there with him. Notable ones include Alby, the leader of the Glade, Newt, Alby’s right hand man and a friend of Thomas pretty quickly, Minho, The lead runner in other words the best person to go in the maze, Gally, a “bully” to Thomas, and Chuck, the newbie before Thomas. So far what i’ve said isn’t too too bad but this “Maze” surrounding the Glade is filled with mechanical bug like creatures called grivers, and grivers are like bugs but most bugs aren’t out to kill you while these are. But this all changes when the first girl called Teresa shows up and… if I say any more I would spoil things. Now onto the actual review, this book is incredible IF you're ok with some decently graphic things and if you enjoy Sci Fi fantasy which I can’t say. The biggest fallback for this book is you need a great imagination or have watched the movies which I have/watched neither. In conclusion if you're fine with slightly graphic stuff (Maybe not slightly I'm not sure), have a great imagination, and are in middle school or older this book is probably great but if not you might wanna stay away from this book.
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