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    The Rise of Nine is about the Loric gardes battling the Mogadorians. The gardes are separated at first but they got back together and work together. The gardes are numbered 1-9. 1-3 already died. 4 and 9 are together at the start of the book while getting to 6,7,8,10 and Crayton. The main character of the book are the gardes but because every of them are important. My favorite character is 9 because 9 is the strongest. 9 has every legacies and he is the biggest hope of Lorien while the biggest threat of the Mogadorians. The characters in the book are hunted and I don't like the feeling of hunted. I like to live a normal life and feel safe. I enjoy the book very much. If I can change something I would want to make Pittacus Lore which is the leader of Lorien alive so the Lorics have more hope and they can understand things more easily.
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    jasonl20 has read this book.
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