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    A Warriors Book Forest of Secrets, by Erin Hunter tells the story of Fire heart who tries to uncover the secrets that would be better left hidden. Fire heart comes back with fresh kill for the clan and puts it in the pill of fresh kill. Tiger claw tells fire heart that he has been chosen to go to the gathering. Fire heart says that Tiger claw is spreading rumors about him. Fire heart is wored that Gray strip is going to get cot visiting silver stream. Fire heart goes to ravin paw to ask about the death of red tail. Fire heart got in trouble for not feeding his clan first and eating the food he got. Fire heart started to think and thought that tiger claw tried to kill bluestar. Will tiger claw become the leader or will fire heart convins blue star that tiger claw is trying to kill her if you want to find out then read the book!
    About 3 years ago

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