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    I would like to win this because it shows young and old women examples of women that did things for the world, not just men.
    3 months ago
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    Could possibly be THE BEST BOOK I HAVE EVER READ!
    4 months ago
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    Powerful words are rarely pushed to their limits, yet Veronica Roth has woven a tapestry of words so perfectly, this tapestry is known to most, quite simply as Divergent. Gloriously enchanting, A tale of unearthly courage, sacrifice, selflessness, love, and the search for an unseen truth. Welcome to a world where one choice will define you. The choice sixteen-year-old Beatrice Prior will be making, the night of the choosing ceremony. Where will her blood fall? The pure water of the intelligent Erudite?, The clear glass of the honest Candor?, The grey stones of the selfless Abnegation?, The quiet earth of the peaceful Amity? Or the flaming embers of the courageous Dauntless? Torn Between five lives. One choice will define you. Divergence is not an option, it is A secret to be held close, A secret that could kill, A secret that must remain buried, one she will protect even at the price of her own life, because what makes you different makes you dangerous. As her blood hisses amongst the embers she strides towards her new faction, life, and visions. Survival is a must, in a world where danger is commonplace and small fears are scorned to the point of exile, where the art of knife throwing is naught but elementary, gunfights are unextraordinary, ziplining from Willis (formerly Sears)tower's rooftop is a favorite pastime, and death is an honor. This is Tris. This is Dauntless. This is the true meaning of Divergence. Guaranteed to be Un-Put-Down-Able! -ARMcGinn
    4 months ago
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