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    This book's genre is mischievous behavior and it was written by Annie Barrows,and Sophie Blackall. Once upon a time Bean was at her friend's house. Then her mom tells her that her older sister, Nancy will be babysitting her for the afternoon. Bean sneaks her best friend Ivy into her house and they both get stuck in the attic,while Nancy puts on makeup that her mom strictly told her she could not wear until she was older. The main characters are Ivy and Bean. Ivy is kind,an animal lover, and she is smart. I can infer this because on page 16 the illustration shows Ivy reading a big “`grown up book”. Bean loves adventures, getting dirty, she also doesn’t brush her hair, and Bean always does something weird. This is a fact because on page 1 the illustration shows Bean grinding corn on the sidewalk. Bean and Ivy change at the end of the book to become more sneaky, because they don’t get caught in the attic and makes Nancy give them both a little bit of money. Bean and Ivy can specifically make Nancy give them each $2 because while they both were trapped in the attic, Nancy was putting on makeup her mom told her she couldn’t wear. One unanswered question I'd like to ask the author is why are Bean and Ivy best friends they’re total opposites? What I enjoyed most about this book were the illustrations because they’re simple and detailed. The illustration I liked best was the cover because Bean and Ivy are tiptoeing somewhere looking sneaky. I would recommend this book because it’s a very unique book with compromises, dirt, and getting your older sister in trouble.
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