Heart and Soul: The Story of Florence Nightingale

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In Florence Nightingale’s day, if a person was sick – and lucky – he or she was nursed at home with caring family members tending the bedside. Hospitals were horrible places from which few emerged alive. The nurses were often drunks and prostitutes. Doctors had rudimentary skills.

Thus the privileged Nightingale family was appalled when Florence, who had done her share of household nursing, announced that she wanted to train to work in a hospital. After all, her role was cut out for her: she was to be a decorative, witty lady. A career, much less nursing, was out of the question.

It took many years, but Florence found her calling in Crimea. More English soldiers died of sickness there than died in battle. If they were wounded they were almost sure to suffer in misery, lying on pallets caked with old blood, hungry and thirsty, without anyone to offer them so much as a sip of water. Florence caused a revolution in her insistence for cleanliness, wholesome food, and kind treatment of men, who were considered to be nothing more than cannon fodder.

Florence’s campaign resulted in reforms to health care for millions of people. Although she was in frail health for much of her life, her sense of outrage and her extraordinary stamina in the face of prejudice and almost criminal ignorance make her story one of the most inspiring in history.

Dozens of photographs, posters, and cartoons bring the past to life in this memorable biography.
Hardcover, 152 pages
Published on September 1, 2000 by Tundra Books
ISBN-10: 0887764940
ISBN-13: 9780887764943
3 Book Reviews
  • avanumber8
    avanumber8almost 2 years55 stars
    This book gave many details of Florence Nightingale. She was brave and cared for everyone she was around. I admire how hard she worked to do her job right.
    • awesomejf
      awesomejfabout 7 years55 stars
      She was very brave and persistent with her wonderful idea of cleaning up the dirty hospitals, giving the soldiers proper food, and treating the injured soldiers.
      • klowee
        kloweeabout 7 years55 stars
        I admire her super hard work in making the hospitals clean and her kind heart in helping the wounded soldiers get better. it's very sad that she didn't have good health herself.