Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Book 6)

Book 6 of 8 in the Harry Potter Series
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Grades 6 - 8Grades 5 - 10W7.2169441
As the Harry Potter sequence draws to a close, Harry's most dangerous adventure yet is just beginning . . . and it starts July 16, 2005.

We could tell you, but then we'd have to Obliviate your memory.
Hardcover, 672 pages
Published on August 1, 2005 by Arthur A. Levine Books
ISBN-10: 0439784549
ISBN-13: 9780439784542
345 Book Reviews
  • ollieboo
    ollieboo2 months
    I decided to read this book when my parents played the audio book in the car. I was instantly hooked. Have read around 4 times. One of the worst mistakes someone can make in the book world is not reading the Harry Potter series
    • nick05
      nick058 months55 stars
      I have read all of the Harry Potter books. When I was done with the books. I felt like the Harry Potter characters were my friends. I read the books a lot
      • nikkimaxwell
        nikkimaxwell10 months55 stars
        I think J.K Rowling should deserve a round of applause for writing this spectacular masterpiece! Now, another one for the Golden Trio!
        • chromatic1
          chromatic1about 1 year55 stars
          Honestly dumbledore seemed so wise and worth saving. Like after book five everything got sad. RIP. Hey have any of you guys heard the theme from the movie leaving hogwarts. Isn't it a great song. Makes you feel a little sad but then you feel like there's happines to come. This is my favorite book its so good because it shows you the things you must face to win. Good day to you all.
          • chromatic1
            chromatic1about 1 year55 stars
            The Lightning Struck Tower. Peace with you Dumbledore.
            • maya4pigs
              maya4pigsabout 1 year55 stars
              This Book is amazing so far and i love it so much! I really love how J.K Rowlings uses such detail in her books and i just love every single book. PEACE OUT, Maya
              • bsc
                bscabout 1 year55 stars
                Harry Potter is back once again to Hogwarts, but things are teetering on the edge of good and bad. An old professor is brought back for the Potions class and for once, Harry is actually excelling at it! But that may be because he had some help from a very special prince... Love has been going through the common rooms, but not all love is meant to be. Harry has been having lessons with Dumbledore into the past, but not all of the past memories are worth looking at. And let's not forget poor Katie Bell, who seems to be paralyzed and Ron isn't too good either. But when someone so loved has been killed, Harry finds himself face to face against Voldemort and Death Eaters. Will Harry finally banish Voldemort? Happy reading!
                • zombieblob
                  zombieblobover 1 year55 stars
                  ginny and harry have a bit of 😍😍romanceπŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ˜—πŸ˜—
                  • zombieblob
                    zombieblobover 1 year55 stars
                    it is fascinating to see tom riddles (voldemort) back story and it must have been hard for harry to retrieve slughorn's memory i am still shocked about Dumbledore you will have to read the other books to under stand this one i will have to give it 5 stars
                    • Henry Posnerover 1 year