Call of Duty: Black Ops II Signature Series Guide (Signature Series Guides)

BradyGames’ CAll of Duty: Black Ops II Signature Series Strategy Guide includes the following:

The future is Black.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II takes you into the future for the first time in series history. Tomorrow’s combat—the arsenal, the battlefield, and your adversary—has advanced beyond today’s cutting edge. We’ve advanced our strategy accordingly with firsthand guidance from renowned Call of Duty pros. Powerful new Perks and Scorestreaks, devastating new weapons, a gripping new campaign, and a greatly expanded Zombie mode: master it all with this indispensable guide.

Pro-Caliber Multiplayer Coverage - For the first time, we provide tactics from renowned players on the Call of Duty pro circuit. Beat the learning curve and level up quickly. Increase your kill count with expert analysis of every Perk, Weapon, Attachment, Scorestreak, and more! Killer strategies for every game mode, including team-based and solo play!

Exclusive MP, SP, and Zombies Maps - Our detailed maps depict every area in the game, from the Campaign and Strike Force missions to Zombies and MP levels. We pinpoint mission objectives, Intel items, spawn and capture points, and more! Weapon range, hotspot, and route notations give you the edge in multiplayer!

Detailed Walkthrough - We take you step by step through the Campaign from start to finish, including everyStrike Force mission. We provide suggested weapon loadouts and every Intel location!

All-New Features - We reveal everything that’s new in Call of Duty: Black Ops II. The latest combat gear, the Pick 10 Create-a-Class system, League Play, Perks and Scorestreaks, and more—we show you the innovations and teach you to exploit them!

There’s More! - Expanded weapon stats, Achievements and Trophies, Challenges, and much more!

Paperback, 352 pages
Published on November 13, 2012 by BradyGames
ISBN-10: 0744014204
ISBN-13: 9780744014204
9 Book Reviews
  • zink_playz
    zink_playzalmost 6 years
    i have the map baried it is for zombies it is awesome comes with other maps can they make a zombie guide cuz i like zombies a lot raygun mark 2 and the paralazer are the best i have goten from the mystery box
    • zink_playz
      zink_playzalmost 6 years
      this book is awsome and it helps a lot for those who are snipers for people who just started and even for pros, if you want more just hear it from me im a level 42 thx to this book.
      • milton
        miltonalmost 6 years
        • graciealmost 6 years
          so cool
          • zink_playz
            zink_playzalmost 6 years
            awesome #DSR50 is the best sniper
            • KYLEalmost 6 years
              • CPO Cadenalmost 6 years
                The game i am rated 100 i now boss right but the book will be good i now it.
                • zink_playz
                  zink_playzabout 6 years
                  awesome i have the game too and awesome book
                  • bradley1973
                    bradley1973over 8 years
                    it is alsome i have the game but not the book i think it mite be cool