Attack on Titan (Shingeki No Kyojin) Comick 1-10 Volume Set

Vol.1-11 set $160.
ISBN-10: 4063848396
ISBN-13: 9784063848397
6 Book Reviews
  • VtErenAckerman6over 6 years
    I love the manga but i liek the anime better
    • punk_rock
      punk_rockabout 7 years
      i love this book =D
      • chriss3617
        chriss3617over 7 years
        I read some of the manga, and I'm on book 20 and it's been amazing so far and so has been the anime. I wish the anime came out already😔
        • levi116952
          levi116952over 7 years55 stars
          wow i recommend this book to fans of violent shonen ackshion and horror series
          • djmurdaminze523
            djmurdaminze523over 7 years
            I agree with you levi. And did you take that name from Attack on Titan.
          • edmodo-ndjf2aymjh
            edmodo-ndjf2aymjhover 8 years55 stars
            A tear jerking tragedy, this book either has you at the edge of your chair, or crying on the cold hard ground. After finishing every chapter, all that would be on my mind was when the next book would come out. I really recommend this book.