Video Of The Week - Hawaii's Big Island A Winter Wonderland?


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Mauna Kea on December 6 (Photo Credit: Mauna Kea Weather Center)

Hawaii’s Big Island is known for many things — its rich culture, active volcanoes, black sand beaches, green rainforests, and of course year-round warm, humid, weather. This year, the sunny paradise can add snow to this impressive list. Since early December, almost three feet of snow has blanketed the over 13,000-feet high volcano peaks of the Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea, and more is expected.

Mauna Kea Summit (Photo Credit: Kilauea EcoGuides via Twitter)

Local meteorologists say that though a rare sight now, snowcaps were once a fixture on these peaks. However, over the years, the increasingly warm weather has caused the ice caps to shrink. Those hoping for a White Christmas on the beach are in for a disappointment. That’s because even during the coldest of winters the lower altitudes only experience light ice, that melts almost instantly in the balmy weather.


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