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Disney's Frozen has inspired numerous parodies (Credit: Disney)

Disney's super-hit animated movie Frozen has inspired millions of parodies. Some are funny, others a little silly, but none are quite like the one created by 17-year-old self-professed movie fanatic, Bobby Burns, who transformed the heartwarming film into a horror movie.

What's amazing is that the young video editor did not use any gimmicks to create the rather terrifying trailer. He simply cut select scenes from the real movie, pieced them together cleverly, added some sinister music and voila! - the heartwarming tale about two sisters and a snowman was suddenly transformed into a dark scary version!


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  • deathnotes
    deathnotes3 months
    • lofi_dragon
      lofi_dragon4 months
      It's not that scary, but whoever made it made it well!
      • songunicorn17
        Nope NOT scary!
      • songunicorn17
        It is not very scary they just get the sad parts and put on some heavy or sad music
        • songunicorn17
          I love love love double love frozen! Like if you agree
          • namjoonsbf
            namjoonsbf2 months
            I mean not like double love but frozen is a really good movie and I like the new one too.
          • sophiagrace4141
            I want to watch that it looks Awesome # so funny 😀
            • pinguinlover7
              o my goodness I nerver thought that olaf could be so scary
              • the_grim_reader
                its not that creepy really
                • marypopcorn
                  marypopcorn9 months
                  If you put it at the lowest speed, it is a bit creepier, especially the "do you wanna build a snowman" part.
                  • jazzy11
                    jazzy119 months
                    I does not let me watch it 😭😢
                    • deathnotes
                      deathnotes3 months
                      Me neither im mad!!! And jazzy u seem familer do you go to Prairie heights??