Minecraft As A Mandatory Subject In School? Sweet!


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Image Credit: Minecraft.net

Sweden has to be one of the coolest places for a kid to grow up in - First, they introduced the concept of schools with no grades or classrooms, then came Monstrum's amazing playgrounds and now, the coolest idea of all - 'Forcing' 13-year-olds to play Minecraft as part of the classroom curriculum.

The seed for this rather radical idea was planted when the government of Sweden organized a national school competition called 'Future City' for which classrooms were asked to submit their ideas about the kind of structures they envisioned in the Sweden of the future.

Image Credit: Minecraft.net

It was such a success that educators at Stockholm’s Viktor Rydberg school decided to continue this 'out of the box' thinking by incorporating Minecraft into the class curriculum for 13-year-students.

According to the teachers, the game which challenges kids to use their imagination by building virtual worlds complete with electricity grids, water supply pumps and anything else they would like to see in their future, allows students to think beyond the classroom frontiers. This they believe will help them make better decisions as adults, especially about things like the environmental impact of their actions. And while it may sound radical to most people they liken it to teaching a woodcraft class - except in this case, all the construction is being conducted in a virtual world.

Image Credit: MInecraft.net

So far, 180, 13-year girls and boys, have participated in this mandatory unit, which not surprisingly has been such a huge hit that the school is planning to make it a permanent addition to their curriculum. It of course augments, not replaces, core subjects like math and science. The educators say that even parents who were a little apprehensive about their kids playing video games at school, are now on board and fully support this decision.

We wonder if any school in the US would even consider such a drastic curriculum addition - And how parents would react. What do you think? Be sure to let us know, by adding your comments below.

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  • cookiefoxcandy
    • cooldog3
      cooldog326 days
      this is AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      • lessasswitch
        it should be an elective instead of a mandatory class.
        • kmbob
          kmbobabout 1 month
          I love Minecraft sooo much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          • olulu
            oluluabout 1 month
            alphadog, i like minecraft better
            • alphadog
              alphadogabout 2 months
              I love Minecraft. on summer vacation I played it all day Minecraft is awesome! Roblox is cool but Minecraft is better. I just wish they would lower the price it took months of asking before my parents would get it and the ripoff versions are good but they are always missing something. Comment what you like better Minecraft or roblox?
              • wencildae
                wencildae2 months
                I think it would be fun
                • pinkkitty9
                  pinkkitty92 months
                  Wow! I don't have a minecraft account but it does sound fun. NO FAIR
                  • reading-dolphin
                    I love Minecraft. I play it a lot. I love survival, but creative is also where I show my creativity. I would totally love to go to Sweden. :)
                  • basketballanime
                    Follow me If this is absolutely AMAZING!!!