Wellspring of Magic (Creative Girls Enchanted Adventures)

What happens when six creative girls accidentally open a Secret Door to a Magical Realm?
It doesn't take long for adventure -- and danger -- to find them! Upon arriving in the Realm, eleven-year-old Shaylee and her friends learn they are the long-awaited princesses of the Six Kingdoms, and each girl has a unique magical power tied to her creative talents. But the kingdoms are in ruin thanks to an evil force that has drained nearly all of the power from the Wellspring of Magic. As if that wasn't bad enough, the door between the real world and the Realm is stuck! It can't be opened again -- and the girls can't go home -- until the magic is restored to the Wellspring. Shaylee and her friends must work together using their creative abilities, such as dancing, painting, and beading, to channel powers they never knew they had and fight the dark forces threatening to destroy the Realm. Their adventure will bring them face-to-face with gigantic grizzly bears claiming to be their protectors, green-skinned fairy folks, a scaly river dragon, vampire spiders, and killer plants -- things none of the girls expected to face during their summer break. Can they master their new powers in time to turn back the dark forces that want to trap them in the Realm forever?
The Creative Girls Enchanted Adventures series is an irresistible mix of crafts, magic, humor, and adventure that will have girls hooked on reading!
Paperback, 128 pages
Published on April 1, 2015 by Annie's
ISBN-10: 157367463X
ISBN-13: 9781573674638
2 Book Reviews
  • ilovedallas
    ilovedallasover 5 years
    it was good in some ways
    • smileybella
      smileybellaover 5 years44 stars
      there was a lot of magic and adventure. There are 6 princesses with different magic powers. They have no idea that they are princesses with magic powers until they enter a magical land! It was a really good book and excellent describing in words and pictures to understand the book!