The Lost Heir (Wings of Fire, Book 2)

The Lost Heir (Wings of Fire, Book 2)

By Tui T. Sutherland

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Book 2 of 13 in the  Wings of Fire Series
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The WINGS OF FIRE saga continues with a thrilling underwater adventure -- and a mystery that will change everything!

The lost heir to the SeaWing throne is going home at last...

She can’t believe it’s finally happening. Tsunami and her fellow dragonets of destiny are journeying under the water to the great SeaWing Kingdom. Stolen as an egg from the royal hatchery, Tsunami is eager to meet her future subjects and reunite with her mother, Queen Coral.

But Tsunami’s triumphant return doesn’t go quite the way she’d imagined. Queen Coral welcomes her with open wings, but a mysterious assassin has been killing off the queen's heirs for years, and Tsunami may be the next target. The dragonets came to the SeaWings for protection, but this ocean hides secrets, betrayal—and perhaps even death.
Publisher: Scholastic Press
ISBN-13: 9780545349246
ISBN-10: 0545349249
Published on 9/24/2013
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 336

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An amazing book of suspense that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

I love the wings of fire book series! And Tsunami is amazing!

I have a friend that reads wings of fire so I wanted to try it, I read the first book and loved it so i read the second. So far, number 2 is my favorite.

Amazing book I love the wings of fire series! ! ! ! Right now I'm on book 13 and so far it's really good

This book is amazing it has the exiting event and the curiosity readers need in a adventure book. It also has the large series which is needed as the story line is huge.I'm reading it for the 3rd time the whole series is the best and how the book transitions from character to each book it makes me so happy.I recommend this book its 5 stars its amazing and it has enough romance to make me leap in joy.

Tsunami has recently found out that she is royalty, and is excited to meet her mother, Queen Coral of the SeaWings. Once she enters the Sea Kingdom, though, things are more sinister than she thought. Tsunami is forced to keep the eggs in her mother's hatchery safe for a mysterious killer that has been destroying them for years. This book has a lot of feeling, as well as a touch of mystery that makes it very good. Tsunami's story is definitely worth reading.

Having escaped from the Talons of Peace with four other dragonets, Tsunami is thrilled to be heading to the SeaWing Kingdom from which she was stolen years ago. The five dragonets of destiny are supposed to stop a war among the various dragon factions, and she is sure that her mother's kingdom may be a safe place for her and her companions. But they've barely arrived when the others are put in a cave, and Tsunami must navigate lies, deceit, and treachery from every direction. Through it all, she isn't sure just how much she can trust anyone, even her mother. This is the second title in the Wings of Fire series, and I found it quite compelling. These dragons are fascinating and have unique personalities, and made the story fly by faster than I wish I had. Fans of the series will like the introduction of a possible love interest for Tsunami and her struggles to learn the language of her people. Like me, they'll love how she tries to tame her impulsive nature and her loyalty to her sister Anemone. I actually liked this one better than the first because the plot was easier to follow. I think that the character development was better and I loved that the reader had the opportunity to connect with someone different other than Clay. Tsunami’s story is heartbreaking because she’s trying to connect with her mother but her mother is more worried about being queen than reuniting with her daughter. It’s super interesting to see how harsh the world is amongst the dragons. Peril was absent, and I'm not sure if the new characters introduced here (Riptide, Anemone) are going to show up in the next book either. I'm worried that each book is going to start a new plot and we'll never end up getting resolutions to the problems introduced in the new books because we jump into a completely different narrative. There were a number of twists that I found very interesting, but I felt like many of them were not used to the full extent that they could have been. Like with Tsunami finding out [the dragon she killed in the arena was her father.] That just felt like a big deal to me, yet Tsunami barely acknowledges this. Other than a few nitpicks, I had a lot of fun with this! It's a very easy read to get lost in.

This book is about a dragonet named Tsunami. She has a little sister named Anemone. Tsunami is the heir to the throne, but after she enters the palace starts to get destroyed…

one of my favorite books in the whole series! and trust me, that says A LOT. (there are 15!)

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