The Brightest Night (Wings of Fire, Book 5)

The Brightest Night (Wings of Fire, Book 5)

By Tui T. Sutherland

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Book 5 of 13 in the  Wings of Fire Series
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Grades 4 - 8Grades 3 - 6n/a5.574378
The dragonets struggle to fulfill the prophecy and -- somehow -- end the war in this thrilling new installment of the bestselling WINGS OF FIRE series!

It all comes down to this: The Dragonets of Destiny must finally bring the epic war to an end, reconcile the seven tribes, and choose the next queen of Pyrrhia... and make it out alive.
Publisher: Scholastic Paperbacks
ISBN-13: 9780545349277
ISBN-10: 0545349273
Published on 4/28/2015
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 336

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this book was amazing and there is hardly any words to describe it!! The characters were amazing and how she described everything was incredible!

Wings of Fire is the best series ever and I am going to write about all the books eventually. This is my review about the fifth book, Wings of Fire, The Brightest Night, a fantasy by Tui T. Sutherland. It's about Sunny, (SandWing but looks different from most SandWings. For example, Sunny's scales are golden while most SandWings have pale, sandy, dusty looking scales) one of the Dragonets of Destiny who are expected to stop a huge war over the SandWing throne. Sunny gets kidnapped by some NightWings (one of the kidnappers is Starflight's half sister, Fierceteeth) who want to sell her to Burn, one of the rival SandWing princesses who started the whole war by fighting over the throne. Sunny is able to escape the NightWing when she follows them to the Scorpion Den, a city in the Sand Kingdom, she meets her own mother for the very first time. But then another dragon named Addax finds out that she one of the Dragonets of Destiny and succeeds in selling her to Burn. Will Sunny be able to survive when Burn is coming home so soon and the thing Burn wants most is to kill the Dragonets of Destiny?

Very good book. would recommend.

an awesome book with lots of action and stuff I think its very good you should read it. My favorite characters are sunny and tsunami, and those night wings are up to something đź‘€

I love all of the wings of fire and Sunny is smarter than she appears and is very, very brave. Read it.

This book is a TWO THUMBS UP. Amazing storyline! If you like Survivors, Seekers, or Warriors, this book is similar, and is SO GOOD. I personally have grown to love dragons because of this book! I have read the whole series, so I really, really recommend it!! Warning: This book consists of death and violence. If you are sensitive to those things I do not recommend this book for you.

“The Brightest Night”, the fifth book in the “Wings of Fire” series follows Sunny the Sandwing. Right away, she gets kidnapped by some mischievous Nightwings. They plan to sell her to Burn, one of the Sandwing sisters. Sunny soon escapes their grasp but decides to follow them. She later steals the Obsidian Mirror, a mirror that allows you to hear and (kind of) see other dragons. Sunny follows the Nightwings to the Scorpion Den where she meets the Outclaws, a group of Sandwings all protecting Thorn, their leader. A dragon named Six-Claws acts as sort of a bodyguard to Sunny. Soon, Sunny figures out that Thorn is related to her. Soon, though, a Sandwing named Addax tells everyone that there is a lethal snake in another room. Thorn goes to kill it while Addax kidnaps Sunny. Addax brings her to Burn’s Stronghold where she is taken prisoner by Smolder, the Sandwing sisters’ brother. Queen Scarlet, the former Skywing queen is also being held there. Sunny gets time outside sometimes, though. Later, Thorn and her army of Outclaws come to rescue Sunny. Sunny gets freed and escapes the stronghold. She then decides to let every Sandwing sister know to come and figure out who will be queen in a peaceful way. The rest is in Pyrrhia’s history. This book is extraordinary in many ways. If you like drama and surprises, this book (or book series) is for you. It gives you twists and turns to keep the book interesting and fun to read. Overall, this is a five-star book.

I'm on book 13, and I love this series! This book is about sunny, the sandwing, she wants to fulfill the prophecy and find her parents!

I think this is one of the most brilliant books to come of the series. The ending was truly satisfying. (SPOILED ALERT) but I think it was the perfect ending for all the chracters. I think Winter going off to Santuary and really finding himself is so important for him in terms of chracter growth and finding yourself. His whole life has been about the circles and rank and nobility, Now he's this free dragon that sudden;y doesn't really have a place in this world. And as frusturating as it was to see WInter join the fight, it totally makes sense and it shouldn't have gone any other way, Of course he's going to be loyal to his family. That's his whole ideology. And for Quibli. I think it was just perfect for the Jade Mountain Prophecy series to end with his POV becasie Quibliis just such a complex, intresting chracter that we get to explore as readers in this book, The fact that so much happens in just one book is incredible by itself but the readers POV is not one full of rage and revenge like WInter or Peril or scared and full of constant doubt like Turtle. I feel like this is a very close feel to the OG Dragonet Prophecy series. (Both are amazing though not comparing). And the fact that Moon chooses Quibli. We see although he's a very smart character, he still has the normal doubt over whether a girl likes him or the other dashing hero. Of course his mind would go to WInter although he's obviously in love with Moon as we can see when they arrive at the old NIght Kingdom. I think he's also the better choice for Moon because he really sees Mooon for who she is. And the fact that it leaves off on a cliffhanger. This book has so many layers and so mnay things that I can talk about this book for hours. But to sum all this up, Darkness of Dragons is one of the best books (in my opinion) out of all the WIngs of FIre books and might even be on my all time favorite list.

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