Warcross Series

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Warcross Series (2 books)



By Marie Lu
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  • belle252
    belle25255 stars
    This one of my favorite books ever. Warcross is a online role play game played through the neurolink or virtual reality glasses. Over time Warcross has gained popularity to the point where 97 percent of the people on earth use it. Emika Chen, is a bounty hunter, so she catches people that cheat t...
Wildcard (Warcross 2)

Wildcard (Warcross 2)

By Marie Lu (author)
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  • kkgautamm
    kkgautamm55 stars
    oh my god i loved this book so much and i was so lucky to find it at the library! i read it in two days, but honestly, i could have finished it all at once. I have em and hideo together (aA) and the end wrapped up the story very well. there were plenty plot twists, but i loved it so muchhhhhh