Three Times Lucky (Mo & Dale Mysteries)

Three Times Lucky (Mo & Dale Mysteries)

By Sheila Turnage

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Book 1 of 4 in the  Tupelo Landing Series
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Grades 4 - 8Grades 2 - 8W3.962217
Newbery honor winner, New York Times bestseller, Edgar Award Finalist, and E.B. White Read-Aloud Honor book.

A hilarious Southern debut with the kind of characters you meet once in a lifetime

Rising sixth grader Miss Moses LoBeau lives in the small town of Tupelo Landing, NC, where everyone's business is fair game and no secret is sacred. She washed ashore in a hurricane eleven years ago, and she's been making waves ever since. Although Mo hopes someday to find her "upstream mother," she's found a home with the Colonel--a café owner with a forgotten past of his own--and Miss Lana, the fabulous café hostess. She will protect those she loves with every bit of her strong will and tough attitude. So when a lawman comes to town asking about a murder, Mo and her best friend, Dale Earnhardt Johnson III, set out to uncover the truth in hopes of saving the only family Mo has ever known.

Full of wisdom, humor, and grit, this timeless yarn will melt the heart of even the sternest Yankee.

Publisher: Dial Books
ISBN-13: 9780803736702
ISBN-10: 0803736703
Published on 5/10/2012
Binding: Hardcover
Number of pages: 320

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Saying hello to in-character Miss Lana, avoiding drunk Macon, or scratching your head at the Colonel's forgotten backstory? Fresh and gripping, with characters who range from honest-to-goodness to downright unscrupulous, this book will have you laughing at the raw humor from main character Mo, gasping in shock at an unsuspected murder, and just feeling apart of Tupelo Landing's set of heartwarming and unconventional people.

I have this book at my house and it belongs to me. I want to read it. I have also just heard that it is a good book. Hopefully, I can read it soon!

I love the small town feel plus the mystery, and how the whole story feels so real, and vibrant. Try to beat this!

I really like mysteries set in a Southern time. So, Moses Lobeau, who washed up after a hurricane, is on ing with Colonel and Miss Lana.

The main character is Mo. Her full name is Moses LoBeau and she is an orphan who is raised by Miss Lana and Colonel LoBeau. She was born during a hurricane and her mother tied her to a billboard that said Cafe Prospector. At the same time, the Colonel was driving in the hurricane and crashed into a tree and lost his memories as she came in on the billboard and bonked him on the head. Miss Lana asked around about whose baby it was for eleven years and they still haven't found her. Now, Mo is eleven years old and her best friend is Dale Johnson, and she knows how to hold the cafe on her own. One day, Detective Joe Starr comes into town with Deputy Marla, looking around for the murderer of Dolph Andrews. Soon after, Jesse Tautam, a stingy customer, turns up murdered too. Mo’s parents are kidnapped and Mo now dedicates herself to solving the case and finding her parents. In this book, there are lots of new vocabulary. I also adored the time this story took place. The author beautifully wove the traits of the characters and made them lovable. I definitely would recommend this book to other middle schoolers.

I think Mo is pretty... uh weird? I mean, who thinks your teacher can't wear shorts and has no social life? But overall, this is a great book! I've read it a lot of times. I mean, though it is very action packed, Mo can be a bit DENSE sometimes so it makes me a bit frustrated. Thanks for reading!, bookworms4ever

danny 10 danny 10

it is awesome

I totally recommend this book it is one of my favorites. It is a very intense mystery and you will love it. I could never stop reading once I picked it up!

This book was well... OK ,it could have been a better it was probably my least favorite book I have read through Dogo Books this summer, I found it disappointing, I was hoping for a lot more excitement and adventure, I found this book dull and boring.

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