Scout (Puppy Place)

Scout (Puppy Place)

By Ellen Miles

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Book 7 of 42 in the  The Puppy Place Series
Interest LevelReading LevelReading A-ZATOSWord Count
n/aGrades 2 - 4n/a3.910782
Publisher: Fitzgerald Books
ISBN-13: 9781424243594
ISBN-10: 1424243599
Published on 8/1/2009
Binding: Hardcover
Number of pages: 75

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This book’s genre is realistic fiction and it was written by Eleen Miles. In the first part of the story they adopt a dog to foster. And they can’t find anyone who wants her so, they train her to be a search and rescue dog. Then they see a policewoman at school to sponsor in class. They become friends with her and she has a police dog too. At the end of the story the policewoman's dog has to retire so she needs a search and rescue dog. So, there may be someone for Scout. The main characters are Lizzie and scout. Lizzie is a girl who is very kind. She loves to foster puppies. Scout is a puppy who is going to be a search and rescue dog. Lizzie has to foster Scout for a long time and after she gets to know her better she really wants to keep her. But she doesn't end up keeping her anyway. Two key events that happened in the book that added to the plot are when they asked a lot of people to adopt her but nobody wanted to and at the end when they found someone who needed her rather than wanted her. These two things added to the plot because they changed how the story was told and made it more interesting and exciting to read. I think finding an owner who needed her rather than wanted her was the best thing to possibly do. I think the main characters changed from the beginning of the story to the end of the story because, in the beginning they were trying to get rid of Scout but at the end they gave her to someone who needed her. In chapter ten you see this happen on page 72 when Lizzie says, “ ...would be the perfect person to adopt Scout…”. One unanswered question that I’d like to ask the author is was scout a good search and rescue dog when he was done with training? What I enjoyed the most was when they found an owner for her then that someone would help with training for shour! And I know that she will be perfect for the job. Yes, I would recommend this book because it has lots of adventure and it is very exciting and mysterious to read. It also has some cute feachers. It interested me right when I saw it just sitting there on the bookshelf. The cover was the cutest part. I am very glad that I got this book!

Danni Danni

i absolutely love this book it is amazing as all the other books in the series

So far it's really cool I love the puppy place series