Dear Pen Pal (The Mother-Daughter Book Club)

Dear Pen Pal (The Mother-Daughter Book Club)

By Heather Vogel Frederick

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For the mother-daughter book club, everything changes in eighth grade.

Could the book club break up? When Jess is offered an anonymous scholarship to a prestigious boarding school, she's not sure that leaving home -- and her friends -- is what she wants to do. Meanwhile Megan's grandmother comes for a long visit and turns everything in the Wong household upside down; Emma crusades against her middle school's new uniforms; and Cassidy fi nds out there's a big change ahead for her family.

Inspired by Jess's unexpected opportunity, the book club decides to read Jean Webster's classic Daddy-Long-Legs, and there's an added twist this year when they become pen pals with the girls in a book club in Wyoming. There's plenty to write to their new friends about, from a prank-filled slumber party to a not-so-secret puppy -- and even a surprise fi rst kiss.

In this third book in the beloved Mother-Daughter Book Club series, the girls learn that as long as they have one another -- and a good book -- they're ready for whatever eighth grade has in store!
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
ISBN-13: 9781442408487
ISBN-10: 1442408480
Published on 9/14/2010
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 432

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it was really good!

I read this book and i really liked it. It was a VERY intersting book i loved it plus im loved the book cover purple fav color :-)

who likes writing to tethered pen pale

Though this is longer than most, the third book in the M.D.B.C series is fabulous! Join Jess as she leaves her friends for another school!

Dear Pen Pal (The Mother-Daughter Book Club) by Heather Vogel Frederick is an amazing and super hilarious book that everybody should read!

Any one in my ela class, do you know Mya's username on here?

sorry i was wondering the same thing

I thought the people who were writing the book were copying my life!!!! I thought it was JUST like me!!

I love this book