The Bad Guys in Intergalactic Gas (The Bad Guys #5)

The Bad Guys in Intergalactic Gas (The Bad Guys #5)

By Aaron Blabey

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Book 5 of 9 in the  The Bad Guys Series
The bad news? The world is ending. The good news? The Bad Guys are back to save it! Sure, they might have to "borrow" a rocket. And there might be something nasty in one of the spacesuits. And Mr. Piranha miiiight have eaten too many bean burritos. Surviving this mission may only be one small step for man, but it's one giant leap for the Bad Guys.
Publisher: Scholastic Paperbacks
ISBN-13: 9781338189575
ISBN-10: 1338189573
Published on 12/26/2017
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 144

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Hunter Hunter

It is so so so funny šŸ¤£

I really like this book and it is my favorite out of the series my favorite characters are Mr. Snake and agent fox

This book was really funny. I laughed a lot when reading it. The Bad Guys are some of my favorite super heroes. They have trouble, but always help each other in the end.

I think this book SO MUCH. My favorite part is when Mr. Piranha did something in his space suit that will make you laugh!