Once Upon A Curse (Tales of the Frog Princess)

Once Upon A Curse (Tales of the Frog Princess)

By E. D. Baker

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Book 3 of 8 in the  Tales of the Frog Princess Series
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Grades 4 - 8Grades 4 - 7n/a5.655583

Many years ago a slighted fairy placed a curse on a beautiful young princess-a curse that caused her and all her female descendants to turn into mean, ugly witches if they ever touched a flower after turning sixteen. Now, Princess Emma, who is about to turn sixteen herself, is determined to break the spell once and for all. Emma travels back in time to the day the curse was placed on her ancestor in the hope of preventing the curse from being cast. Unfortunately she isn't successful in her efforts, but she does learn how to break it. Armed with this knowledge, Emma returns to her own time full of hope. But disaster ensues and Emma is about to give up completely-until true love shows itself in the most unexpected place of all.

With a bit of courage, a pinch of luck, and of course, a healthy dose of magic, Princess Emma charms her way through the third hilarious adventure in the Tales of the Frog Princess series.

Publisher: Bloomsbury USA Childrens
ISBN-13: 9781619636194
ISBN-10: 1619636190
Published on 8/26/2014
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 272

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The ending was very well deserved and the twist with time travel was amazing.If you read the book after this you'll know what happens with Li'l and Garrid.

The story was amazing and I loved the time travel twist and the ending was very well deserved .To think the curse was ended with something as simple as a kiss.

Another quick read. I love Prince Eadric's devotion to Emma and his willingness to do anything for her and her Kingdom. A strong bold knight with a sense of justice and a deep love for the Kingdom. I loved the new characters - Emma's ancestors.

E.D. Baker is gotta spread her imagiantion and make more books!đź’–

Catherine Catherine

This book sound interesting

the story line really twisted and turned , I really did not know what was going to happen ! !

E.D. Baker is Awesome! U should read No Place for Magic and The Dragon Princess.

Loved it!

This book was very exciting and enjoyable. E.D. Baker is a wonderful author and writer and this is an excellent novel

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