Among the Hidden (Shadow Children Book 1)

Among the Hidden (Shadow Children Book 1)

By Margaret Peterson Haddix

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Book 1 of 7 in the  Shadow Children Series
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Grades 4 - 8 Grades 10 - 9 Z 4.8 32127

In a future where the Population Police enforce the law limiting a family to only two children, Luke has lived all his twelve years in isolation and fear on his family's farm, until another third convinces him that the government is wrong.

Publisher: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
ISBN-13: 9780689824753
ISBN-10: 0689824750
Published on 3/1/2000
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 153

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this book series is awesome!!!I didn't know what book to choose so I picked the first Shadow children series book!! The series is really adventurous and thrilling series!!!!!!!

this book is so awesome it's a little sad one of the people in the book dies but its a good book!

This is a fair description of a bok about how much A law can change many peoples lives. A twelve year old boy named Luke Garner lives on a farm, in a land where the Government makes a law about having three children. Due to past famines, it is considered a a bad deed to have three children. In other words, illegal. People who accidentally, or even purposely have third children are criminals in the Government's eyes. Luke Has two older brothers Matthew and Mark. For Luke's safety, he has to hide or he will be found and turned in. One day, people start building houses and rich people, called Barons, move in. Luke names some families things like The Sports Family, The Gold Family. In the Sports Family house, Luke sees a face in a window. Luke, who was staring out a vent to avoid being seen, knows two boys already live there. He realizes the face in the window was. An illegal third child. One day, Luke goes to the house, and meets the third child, who believes in equality. Jennifer, who goes by Jen, is an excellent hacker, and is also planning a rally to prove shadow children need equality. Luke decides not to go. While he waits for the rally to be over, he continuously hides in his room. Mother has taken a job at the chicken factory, and dad gets a letter about hydroponics and how they cannot be used. A week later, Luke goes to Jen's house, and notices that the house appears empty. He doesn't see Jen in her room. His worst fear, unfortunately, comes true. Jen's father works as a Government official. He says, "Population Police!!!" Mr. Talbot tells Luke some unfortunate news. Jen, and all the other shadow children at the rally, got shot. Jen is dead. Eventually, Luke no longer has to HIDE, but on a fake id , he is going to a school. Can Luke survive this?

This is the best book! I really recommend this book if you like suspenseful books. It is about a kid named Luke who is a third child in his family. Where he lives, it only allows a family to have up to 2 kids but Luke is the third. he has been hiding for his whole life. Will he get caught and murdered by the population police or stand up against the law? Read it to find out!

my class is reading this book and its good

This book is about a boy who is in a community where there can be only 2 children per family. Luke is the 3rd child, so he must be hidden. He finds another child that is also hidden.

Quinten Brines Quinten Brines

The book I will be reviewing is Among The Hidden by Margaret Peterson Haddix. I suggest reading this book because you may realize how lucky you are. I suggest it because it is a decent size and is part of a series the other six books. This book is about a third child in the future where the government makes a rule that parents could only have two kids and if they had a third they had to get rid of it. But this family chooses to just hide him instead. He was allowed to go outside and play but when the government decides to cut down the trees and build houses that all changes. He now isn’t allowed to go outside or look through windows just because his parents are afraid he’ll get seen. One day he seen a face in there neighbors house of a family with two kids already so he decides to go over there to see who it is. He meets another third child and they become friends but there parents don’t know about this. The third child's name is Jen and the main character Luke goes over there when his parents are busy. They make a plan but one day Jen shows him the computer and a secret chat room full of other third childs. I think the people who like short chapter books and adventure books would enjoy this book.

Baby shark dodo Baby shark dodo

I love this book and the series and I'm a BIG FAN! If you are looking for a new series I would pick this one!

Kaitlyn Scott Kaitlyn Scott

Five stars all the way!!

Kaitlyn Scott Kaitlyn Scott

This book is recommended by me! It's a great book if you just want a quick read. Even though many people wouldn't recommend it, I do. Especially if you are around the age of 12. Which is how old the main character, Luke, is.

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