Among the Barons (Shadow Children)

Among the Barons (Shadow Children)

By Margaret Peterson Haddix

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Book 4 of 7 in the  Shadow Children Series
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Grades 4 - 8Grades 10 - 9Z4.837343
Smits had nothing left of his brother.
He was gone.
And Luke had taken his name.
How could anyone hear Smits sobbing and think he was merely a foolish, homesick kid? Luke knew what grief was like....What if Oscar suddenly understood, too?
Smits's grief was dangerous. Smits's grief could kill Luke.

As a third child in a society that allows only two children per family, Luke Garner was in hiding for the first twelve years of his life. Then he was given the freedom of an identity card that had belonged to Lee Grant, a Baron (a member of the highest class of society), and was sent to boarding school as Lee. But now, just when things are finally starting to go right, Lee's little brother, Smits, arrives at school, and Luke finds himself caught in a web of lies that gets more complex with every passing day -- and possibly even lethal. Can Luke trust the grief-stricken Smits to keep Luke's secret? And can he trust Smits's menacing bodyguard, Oscar?
Luke finds that living among the Barons puts him in the deadliest danger he has ever faced.
As she did in Among the Hidden and the other Shadow Children books, Margaret Peterson Haddix depicts one individual trying to make sense of a world in which nothing is what it seems.
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
ISBN-13: 9780689839061
ISBN-10: 0689839065
Published on 6/1/2003
Binding: Hardcover
Number of pages: 182

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This book like all the books in the series is very suspenseful and full of adventure and drama. If you were to try survive as a third child in this book you always have to keep guard.

itsfunneh1310 itsfunneh1310

I think this book is super amazing in many ways. I am reading the 5th book as well and I can not put it down either. I believe that is is so good they should make movies about each book

I'm right now on the 5th book and the series so far are so good. I can't put these books down because they're are sooo super good. If you read the first one you will be hooked into it like a fish.

I have also read this book because this author is one of my best story tellers. It is a shadow children serie. There are about 8 books to this serie. I recommend this book. Hope you enjoy.

it was the best book i ever read i loved it. i've actually read the whole seires its a great seires about shadow children.