Neverseen (Keeper of the Lost Cities)

Neverseen (Keeper of the Lost Cities)

By Shannon Messenger

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Book 4 of 7 in the  Keeper of the Lost Cities Series
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Sophie battles the rebels—and recovers dark memories from her past—in this jaw-dropping fourth book in the bestselling Keeper of the Lost Cities series.

Sophie Foster is on the run—but at least she's not alone.

Her closest friends from the Lost Cities have gone with her to join the Black Swan. They still have doubts about the shadowy organization, but the only way to find answers is to start working with them. And as they settle into their new lives, they uncover secrets bigger than anything they’d imagined.

But their enemies are far from done, and unleash a terrifying plague that threatens the safety of an entire species. Sophie and her friends fight with everything they have—with new allies joining them—but every choice has consequences. And trusting the wrong person could prove deadly.

In this game-changing fourth book in the Keeper of the Lost Cities series, Sophie must question everything to find a truth that will either save her world—or shatter it.
Publisher: Aladdin
ISBN-13: 9781481432306
ISBN-10: 1481432303
Published on 11/1/2016
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 688

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“You never know who you can trust.” Sophie Foster knows what she should do next. She has finally discovered where she belongs in her new home, the Lost Cities...and she’s off to join the Black Swan, a secretive group of rebels who shouldn’t exist but do. Sophie’s nervous. But luckily, she’s not alone, because her friends Biana, Fitz, Keefe, and Dex are coming with her. When the Black Swan welcomes them, the five friends are excited. But their enemies, called the Neverseen, are still out there—out for revenge. When the Neverseen create a plague that threatens everyone, it’s up to Sophie to stop them...once and for all. Can she, Keefe, Biana, Dex, and Fitz save the day? Read this book to find out! I absolutely loved this book, and I think every reader, every Keeper of the Lost Cities fan, will adore the fourth book in this series. Get ready to dive into Shannon Messenger’s awesome world of adventure, amazing heroes, and more! I rate this 4/5 stars, and I recommend Neverseen for anyone who wants a good book to read.

it was super cool that they joined the black swan, especially with della! i really like biana and sophies friendship, and calla is so sweet!

This is the fourth book in the best series I've ever read! It's full of action, adventure, fantasy, and even some romance do to the kind of oblivious love triangle! This is a great book for all ages and I would definitely recommend it! #Sokeefe rules

I have this book, and I'm SO excited to read it! KOTLC is GREAT!The series is so captivating!

This book was so good!! Sophie and her friends have joined the Black swan. Now they have to do many things and learn lot of new things. Prentice, A plague, and Exillium are just some things. There is so much going on for these friends. I LOVED it.

Sophie, as told in the end of Everblaze, is joining the Black Swan, but sh'e not alone. All of her best friends are coming with her! They want to be with Sophie ever step of the way, even when it comes to times where punishment is dangerous. Sophie faces hard deals and decisions no teen should make. A plague strikes, and it's up to Sophie and her friends to find a way to stop it.She learns about inception, Prentice, and a lot about Exillium, which I won't tell you about because it would spoil the book. There might be a traitor on there hands though... Maybe even two... Either way, I happened to love this book! There were so many things you don't expect and a lot of mystery, but also a lot of facts and truth! I'd recommend this book and series to everybody, and I think the whole world should read this book! I loved it so much, and any age can read it really, unless your scared of Ogres! :)

Sophie Foster has a plan. She and her friends are joining forces with the black swan- illegally. As they begin training they find a lead to one of the neverseen's members, and in order to investigate they have to go to Exilium, a school for outcasts. But the Neverseen still have plans, and they unleash a plague that could wipe out an entire race. Will Sophie and her friends be able to steal the cure from Dimitar, king of the Ogres? Or will a close friend have to make the ultimate sacrifice to save her kind?

This book was AWESOME! Sophie and her friends are joining the Black swan and things happen! There’s a plague that’s spreading and there’s Prenice rescuing, and much other stuff! This book kept me reading on and on and there were so many “oh my gosh!” Moments. I highly recommended this book to anyone who loves action and adventure.

I really really want to read this book but all libraries are shut down!😮

Sophie and her friends are joining the Black Swan, the group that created Sophie! More suspense than ever in this fourth book of the series. Don't stop reading until you're at the end of the entire series!

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