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    This is a very amazing book.When I had just bought it around a month ago,I knew it would be a great book.The story is about 4 kids in a candy-making competition,and seeing who will get first prize.I'm just going to give 3 hints.....Philip is not what you think he is,and Daisy is hiding a secret from all of them.The secret ingredient is for you to see.
    Almost 6 years ago
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    Also,I think I would recommend this to my classmates at school...because I thought this might be ideal for 5th and 6th grade students.It has the features of a young adult book,such as suspense,secrecy,and unexpected twists.
    Almost 6 years ago
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    Almost 6 years ago
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    By Louis Bayard
    Almost 6 years ago
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    By Wendy Mass
    Almost 6 years ago

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