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    Every summer Joe and his younger sister were sent to visit their grandma for a week. The thing is, grandma is different from other grandmas. Mary Alice and Joe never wanted to go to Grandmas’ but they had to. So the kids did more things with grandma, some law breaking and some enjoyable. Some of the enjoyable things were joining a pie contest, flying an airplane, and the town's Centennial Celebration. In chapter 5 grandma shows lots of criminal activity. One law grandma broke was she took Joe and Mary Alice... Another thing Grandma did was she took them onto .... Each year,the kids made connections and got closer to grandma. They had more fun even up to the last chapter where the crazy and unbelievable happened. In class we read the novel A Long Way From Chicago. I'm going to be explaining my opinion over the novel. I enjoyed the novel but I also got confused on some parts. I enjoyed the novel because I liked how it brought the history from the Great Depression into the novel. I thought it was confusing because there were so many characters and it was hard to keep track of who is who. My favorite part of the novel was the second to last chapter at the parade. The parade was my favorite part because I thought the parade was funny and interesting. My least favorite part was the day of judgment chapter because, It seemed like it wouldn't matter if it was part of the book. I also didn't think it was that interesting. Out of a five star rating I would rate the novel a 3. If you enjoy reading about history and humor then I recommend it but, If you don't care for it then I would not recommend it.
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