Long Way From Chicago: Novel-Ties Study Guide

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Published on January 1, 2002 by Learning Links
ISBN-10: 076751162X
ISBN-13: 9780767511629
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  • Grade 4over 2 years
    It is really good
    • VANSHIKA VERMA over 2 years
      THIS IS VERY funny
      • 26hoffk
        26hoffkover 2 years55 starsFeatured
        Joe and Mary Alice wanted to have a normal summer. But with Grandma they knew they were never going to have a normal summer, ever. A thing that was common with Grandma is lying and blackmail like when she blackmailed the sheriff when he caught her feeding the drifters, or when she lied about having Vandalia Eubanks in her house. So Mary Alice and Joe went along with whatever Grandma was doing because they knew that they could not stop her. Yet Grandma did all these things for a good reason. Grandma told all those lies and blackmailed in order to help those in need. Then by the end of the story we see how the characters have changed throughout the book. Like when Joey tells us in the book that since he is getting older he would like to be called Joe and not Joey. Or when Grandma helped Effie Wilcox get her house back which shows that they have gotten over their differences. This is just a few of grandma´s crazy adventures in the book ¨A Long Way From Chicago¨. In this paragraph I will explain my opinion on the novel A Long Way From Chicago. My opinion on the book is that it was very interesting and funny. This is my opinion because throughout the whole entire book Grandma, Joey, and Mary Alice find themselves in the craziest situations possible! Like the time when Grandma put the old tomcat in the coffin and made it out to be Shotgun coming back to life. Or the time when Grandma dressed up as the phantom brakeman on the train tracks so Vandalia and Junior could escape. My favorite part of the book was the ending because I got to see how much the characters have changed throughout the whole entire book. My least favorite part was also the last chapter because that meant the book was coming to an end. Or the chapter where Grandma switched the pies so she could win, because there was not a lot of action. If I had to rate the book out of five stars I would rate it a five. I would recommend reading this novel if you love crazy situations and a Grandma who loves to lie.
        • izamore12
          izamore12over 2 years44 stars
          Summary of A Long Way from Chicago Grandma wanted the spotlight to be on her. And not on anybody else. Every summer her grandkids Mary and Joey spend one week every summer with grandma. But, grandma is always willing to go somewhere and do something. Like go to a county fair and do a pie contest. Or grab a snake on a boat and strangle it to death. So as you can see she wants to do a lot while they are in town. Then something terrible happens. Joey has to go to training for World War ll. Will he make it? What will happen next? Opinion: It was an interesting novel with so much adventure and action.The book is called A Long Way From Chicago. In my opinion, this novel is great! It had so much happening and made me keep on turning the pages. If you want a book with adventure, great people, and funny moments, then I recommend this book. As far as adventures go I think you will like when grandma grabbed a snake on the boat and strangled it to death. My favorite character is grandma because she is eccentric and caring at the same time. Just wait till you hear what grandma does to a coffin in her house! It cracked me up! I would rate the book a 4.5/5 because it was interesting.
          • banana26
            banana26over 2 years55 stars
            A Long Way from Chicago is set in a small town outside Chicago during the Great Depression. The story starts with Joey Remembering what his summers were like at Grandma’s. Each summer Joey and his sister, Mary Alice, took a train to a sleepy little town and spent an interesting vacation with their Grandma Dowdel. They did not look forward to the first few trips to Grandma’s, but after a few crazy adventures, they started looking forward to going. Each year brought a new dilemma that they had to solve. With Grandma’s crazy plans, the three of them take down a couple of town bullies, feed the drifters traveling through town, help two of the towns “love birds” elope, and help get a friend’s house back from the bank. Even though their adventures were crazy, they learned some valuable lessons from Grandma. She taught Joey and Mary Alice to be compassionate, just, kind, and loyal. Her actions were not always right, but the lessons they learned they would never forget. Years later Joey has one more adventure with Grandma and her sleepy little town... My opinion over the book A Long Way From Chicago is that it is a really good book. I thought the book was pretty cool and very entertaining because I love how all of Grandma's tricks perfectly end out. No matter what comes her way she always has a plan and it will end just her way. My favorite part was Shotguns Cheathan’s funeral. The cat crawled up in the coffin and made the fabric move. Everyone thought he was coming back to life but Grandma knew it was just the cat. Now she grabbed her shotgun and fired at the fabric and yelled “you've had your time, boy. You don't get no more!” She scared everybody out of the house. I would rate this book four out of five stars. I really like the book and recommend reading it.
            • miriotogata
              miriotogataover 2 years55 starsFeatured
              In the novel Long Way From Chicago which was written by Richard Peck, we find two children (Joey and Mary Alice) going on a seemingly innocent visit to their grandmother’s house. Little do the kids know that the woman is an absolutely crazy liar! This small family is surrounded by a bucket load of other colorful characters such as Effie Wilcox, the Cowgill family, and Ms. L. J. Weidenbach. Their grandma also performed circus-like acts; such as shooting an already dead body, stealing the town sheriff’s boat right in front of him, and switching name labels on two pies. The protagonist Joey and his little sister witness each of these things, and wonder whether or not this woman is a good or bad influence, and if she has completely lost her mind. Sure, her antics may not always be the best, but you soon find out that her actions aren’t as devious as they seem. She has a soft side too, she’s only trying to protect her grandchildren and friends. This humorous novel will definitely keep you up all night just to learn what happens next. This novel is also a good way to poke fun at a point of hardship and sadness. Join these characters throughout their crazy adventures in the past. Our most recent class novel was Long Way From Chicago, written by Richard Peck. I absolutely loved every part of this book. The reason I absolutely loved it is the amount of laughter it brought from me, and the amount of excitement I always had when we would go to read another chapter. My favorite part from the novel had to be the entire first chapter. It’s when the kids first meet grandma and first learn that she is a liar, at the very end of the chapter, grandma shoots a dead corpse that was sitting in the front room. The idea shocks me out of my wits, but it’s hilarious. I would definitely give this book a five out of five rating. I absolutely recommend this book to anyone who’s looking for a good laugh, or anyone who needs a really good book to read!
              • goobertpie
                goobertpieover 2 years55 starsFeatured
                Summery Joey and Mary Alice do not want to go to grandma's because they don't like spending the night there. Joey and Mary Alice are being forced to go whether they like it or not. They haven't seen a stiff but that's about to change. A reporter asked grandma if she knew how Shotgun got his name. So grandma told the reporter that Shotgun got his name in the civil war and that U.S. Grant gave him his name when Vicksburg fell. Then later in the book grandma tells Ernie Cowgill that Joey is part of a chicago gang and he is meaner than he looks. Grandma told Mrs. Weidenbach that the quilt and stovepipe hat were Abraham lincolns and Mary Todd Lincoln's. Joey and Mary Alice had to dress like old time people during the Centennial Celebration. In the Centennial Celebration Uncle Grady and Mrs. Weidenbaches dad fought. That is my summary of the book A Long Way From Chicago. Opinion This is my opinion of A Long Way From Chicago. My opinion of A Long Way From Chicago is that the book is good. At first I was not interested in the book but now I am. My favorite part in the book A Long Way From Chicago was when grandma blackmailed O. B. Dickerson. The reason I liked that part in the story was because he is not happy about it. Another reason I like that part in the book is she is feeding the hungry. I think the book is about 4.5 stars out of 5.0 stars. I personally would recommend the book A Long Way From Chicago. The people who I would recommend the book to are people who don't like action. The book has a little action, it could have had more action.
                • bearavenantyell
                  bearavenantyellover 2 years44 starsFeatured
                  Two kids named Mary Alice and Joey are brother and sister.They went to stay with their crazy grandma Dowdel for one week in the summer for seven years.Even though they both did not want to.They have quite the experiences with grandma.A couple of times grandma isn’t the best influence on Joey and Mary Alice. One of the quotes Mary Alice said in the novel was “I don’t think grandma is a very good influence on us.”Witch is one of the biggest quotes in the book. But a lot of times she shows them how to care for others and protect themselves.Joey finds out that he loves to fly.He goes to school for pilots,but what for? Other people in my class told me their opinions on the book.A friend said she did not like the book because it was hard to follow. The second friend said she liked the book but didn’t like how long the chapters are.My other friend said she liked it I just didn’t have very many exciting parts.Those are just their opinions.Here is my opinion on the novel. As you might have guessed people have different opinions of the novel but here is my opinion.My opinion is that A Long Way from Chicago is a great book.That is my opinion because the characters all are different and have their own personality,some are wild and brave, some are shy and some never stop talking.I also think it is a great novel is novel shows how grandma is very sneaky, smart and kind to others.My favorite part is when joey,Mary Alice,and grandma were at the fair.They found out that all blue ribbon winners could fly in an airplane.Joey loves airplanes. Grandma was in a contest and she didn’t think she could win so she switched pies.But she ended up not winning anyways. Then grandma gets the idea to take the blue ribbon off her hat and acted like she won a contest just so Joey could ride in the airplane.That part in the novel shows how much grandma cares about other people.I would give this novel four out of five stars this is because I didn’t really like some of the parts of the book but I still really like the book.I really enjoyed this novel,I would definitely recommend this novel.
                  • lvlancers
                    lvlancersover 2 years55 stars
                    The Dowdel siblings didn’t really want to go to their grandma's house but they still did. Their grandma was a bit of a weirdo. So they thought they would just stick through it. They also thought they would try to have a good time. They weren’t sure of a lot of their grandma's decisions. One example is the mouse in the milk. Another example is shotgun cheatham's funeral. My last example is when they stole or “borrowed” the boat from the sheriff. But they had fun in the end. That was a short summary of A Long Way From Chicago. I just read a book called A Long Way From Chicago. In my opinion it was really good. One reason I think this is a good book is because it is very exciting. My favorite part of the story is when they had the funeral for shotgun cheatum. My least favorite part was when she lied about the mouse in the milk. Out of five stars I would definitely say this book was a five star book. This was one of my favorite books ever. I can’t wait to read the sequel. I recommend reading this book. It is really good. That is my opinion on A Long Way From Chicago.
                    • lancers02
                      lancers02over 2 years44 starsFeatured
                      A Long Way from Chicago Every summer Joey and Mary Alice come from Chicago to stay with their Grandma Dowdel. Their visits are exciting because Grandma is always telling big lies and never letting the townspeople know what’s really going on. This is confusing to Joey and Mary Alice because they never know the lie is coming or why grandma even says it. Grandma even changed the story of Shotgun Cheetum’s life to make it sound like he was a completely different person! She says things about people that are mean but she really likes them! Just like Aunt Puss - Grandma made sure to take her food every week! Just when it seems Grandma is up to no good, she does something kind. But even when Grandma’s behavior is wrong, her heart is in the right place. So even as Joey and Mary Alice get older, they enjoy visiting Grandma and experiencing her outrageous behavior. When the summer visits stop, Joey and Mary Alice will certainly miss the always surprising parade!! “A Long Way From Chicago” was written by Richard Peck. The story told about the summers that Joey and Mary Alice come from Chicago to stay with their Grandma Dowdel. I liked the novel because it had SO many stories and changes. You never knew the reason behind what Grandma said until after it was done. The part of the story when there was a parade was by far my favorite part of the book. Two old men started a brawl in the streets! My least favorite part was the beginning. It took awhile to get to know the characters which made it a little boring. If I were to give the book a rating out of five stars, I would give it a solid 4.2. I might read other books by Richard Peck. I would most definitely recommend reading this novel.