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    “The years went by, and Mary Alice and I grew up, slower than we wanted to, faster than we realized.” A long way from Chicago All Joe and Mary Alice wanted was a decent summer trip to Grandmas every summer. But they got a little more than expected! With Grandma, anything can happen! So they ride along on Grandma’s crazy and wild adventures! With Grandma's humor, Mary Alice's talents, and Joe well, writing it all down, they go on hilarious little field trips! Either their stealing boats or making soap, the fun never ends! Have a blast with all these characters in A Long Way From Chicago! My Opinion In my opinion, A Long Way From Chicgo is a great book! It was very interesting and hilarious! But, some of the chapters went on forever and it got a little boring! In all I’d recommend this book! Just make sure you have time! Read A Long Way From Chicago!
    About 2 years ago
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