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    I just finished TRJOCS for my book club, and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone! Told from the perspective of a girl called Coyote Sunrise, Dan Geimenhart spins a tale of a girl and her father who live on a bus. Five years ago, the rest of their family died. Coyote's mother and her two sisters were too painful to discuss, so Coyote's father bought a school bus and abandoned their old home. Ever since, they have been traveling the country. Soon, Coyote learns of something special being destroyed back in her hometown. She must get her father to drive there- without him realizing where he's going- in one week. Thankfully, she has the help of one musician in a rocky relationship, two kind Latino women, a wise cat, a boy her age, and Gladys. Oh, Gladys. I loved how in some places, you want to laugh like crazy, and in some places you want to sob until you die. The only thing I can honestly say I disliked is that there is not a sequel😆! The best part of the book is by far every part.
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