The Remarkable Journey of Coyote Sunrise

Hardcover, 352 pages
Published on January 8, 2019 by Henry Holt and Co. (BYR)
ISBN-10: 1250196701
ISBN-13: 9781250196705
13 Book Reviews
  • paxthefox88
    paxthefox8810 months55 starsFeatured
    Coyote and her father live in a bus and are riding throughout the country. Coyote misses her home, sisters and mom, who were killed years before. On their way to a sandwich shop the bus picks up many passengers, and coyote finally feels what it is like to have a family again. The ending is a happy sad and made me cry in front of my classmates! Kind of embarrassing but worth it! READ THIS BOOK!
    • awesomekitten
      awesomekitten11 months55 stars
      This is such an amazing book !! Coyote feels alone in the world she misses her family.
      • hollysnow
        hollysnowabout 1 year55 stars
        It is an amazing journey on how Coyote and Rodeo (Her father, but don't mention the around him) went back to their home to get a memory of their lost loved ones. It's an amazing mix of humor, adventure, and memories. It's sad how Coyotes sisters and mom passed away, but also really good. Some language in it which may not be the best for kids, but otherwise really good. This is a book that I will always look back to.
        • literarylupine
          literarylupineover 1 year55 starsFeatured
          It isn't often that a book makes you stop and remember someone you've lost in a new light- but this one sure did. Coyote and her father, Rodeo, have been traveling cross-country in a school bus in an attempt to leave the loss of Coyote's mother and sisters behind them. Their names have been changed, and any thought of their deceased family has been pushed away- at least, for Coyote's dad, that is. Coyote still thinks of them every day, and one memory that's especially vivid is the time capsule she, her mom, and her sisters buried in a park in her hometown- well, what used to be her hometown. After receiving a call from her grandma that the park is being destroyed- and the capsule will be gone with it- Coyote hatches a plan to travel all the way back to Montana, while satisfying the needs of the motley crew she meets along the journey. This book made me laugh! It made me cry! It was refreshing, cozy, and sweet, the equivalent of hot chocolate for the soul (or a slushie, if you're Coyote!) 5/5!
          • satwikagejara
            satwikagejaraalmost 2 years55 stars
            Twelve-year-old Coyote and Rodeo (her father, but don't tell him that!) rush to Poplin Springs, Washington in their old school bus to save a memory box buried by coyote's dead mother and sisters in a park that will soon be demolished. This book literally made me cry. It had a special way of describing grief and sadness. I loved this book and I think everyone should read it. Plus Coyote and Rodeo have good taste in books.
            • bsc
              bscover 2 years55 stars
              Coyote lives with her dad, Rodeo, (but don't call him dad) in an old school bus. Her mom and sisters died in a car accident and they left behind their old life. When she calls her grandma, and finds out that they're digging up the park in her old hometown where she and her mother and sisters hid a time capsule, she has to go back to Montana. She meets some people and to-be friends and are making their way each, to their destination. Can Coyote get back in time before the time capsule is destroyed? I give this book 5 stars, and there is a lot of cuss words, so readers above 9 would be good.
              • animal lover almost 3 years
                This was a SUPER good book...I don't even know where to start saying how good it is. It's about a girl named Coyote Sunrise ( she got to change her own name) who lives in a school bus- turned- RV with her kind but alcoholic dad, Rodeo. The story begins with Coyote offering a Slushie to a boy at a gas station. She ends up with a mute kitten named Ivan, who should be counted as a main character. After a disturbing phone call from her grandma, she convinces Rodeo to drive her home to Montana, and picks up the help of a musician named Lester. After a close run- in with the police, she gives Salvador Vega and his mom a ride. Throughout the book, more and more people and animals hitch a ride, including Salvador's aunt, a car repair woman named Tammy, a goat named Gladys, and so on. But when they reach her destination, Coyote finds that a policeman, a bulldozer, and Rodeo could take everything she's come for: a shoe box. Why is a box so important? Well, her mom and sisters died years ago, and she will lose all her memories of them if she does not FIND THAT BOX. This book made me cry even though I am very meh in terms of facial expressions. It's jam-packed with quirky people, sadness, joy, action, and Slushies, and will make you laugh, cry, and shudder every second! I love this book, and this is definitely Dan Gemeinhart's best book!
                • roxanne3
                  roxanne3almost 3 years55 stars
                  I don't even know where I should start. The Remarkable Journey of Coyote Sunrise had me laughing, tearing up, smiling, blocking out the rest of the world, then finally crying my eyes out!! First, any book with 'hippies' like these is truly remarkable, and I love the entire crew, animals included. There are definitely some books that make you go "oh, I really liked this!! It might be an new favorite!!" but then forget all about it the next day. This was not one of these books. This book, I cannot even describe in words like those. This is just straight up BEAUTIFUL. I recommend this, and other books by Dan Gemeinhart, to any fellow reader who can stand a bit of heartbreak!!!!!!!!!!!! I'd give this 6 stars if I could!!!!!!!
                  • avascooperia
                    avascooperiaabout 3 years44 stars
                    This book is so good right now. I really love the sweet back story of Coyote and Rodeo! This is a must read!
                    • cbbb
                      cbbbabout 3 years55 starsFeatured
                      The Remarkable Journey of Coyote Sunrise is maybe the best book I've ever read, and I am a VERY picky reader! Dan Geimenhart, the author, has writing that is so compelling! Every chapter leaves you crying out for more, and every plot twist (and believe me, there are a lot) has you slack-jawed. The author begins our story telling us about a girl and her father, the only remnants, however shattered, of a once whole family. After the mother and other two sisters died in a car crash, the father and daughter fled their home and started a new life on a renovated school bus. They have been living there for five years, and they are happy- or at least satisfied- with this lifestyle until the girl, Coyote, hears that a forest that holds a memory box of hers is being destroyed. She has to get to the forest and find the box before it is dug up and destroyed! Her father will absolutely, no way no how, take her there, though, so how will she get there? The answer is found with Salvador, Esperanza, Concepcion, Lester, Tammy, Ivan, and Gladys. I liked how there are many funny parts in the book and many heart-throbbing parts. I did not like how to book wasn't long enough- there was not a 'ten years later' section where we get to see all the characters again, doing well. Thank you Dan Geimenhart for writing this!